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That consciousness exists independent of material substance i. Still, there is no reason to assume, on this view, that consciousness cannot be transferred from one body or mind to another think of a science fiction example where all of one's thoughts are transferred to a computer chip, so that consciousness moves from the mind to the computer.

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  5. According to Locke, why can't ideas be present in a soul before it is united with a body?
  6. Nonetheless, the majority of philosophers have taken Locke to be saying just this, and there is much evidence to support them.

All simple ideas enter the mind through one of the five senses, and it is impossible to experience sensations of any other kind than those for which the sense organs are adapted. It is this power of the mind that makes contemplation and reasoning possible.

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Edited by Alexander Campbell Fraser. Notice, however, that the claim is not that consciousness can exist independent of a body or a mind, only that there is no reason to assume that consciousness is tied to any particular body or mind.

In the last chapter he turns to ideas.


Gaining a better and better opinion of the world is a worthy goal, and one that he shares. Book III has to do with the meanings of words. Locke connects words to the ideas they signify, claiming that man is unique an essay concerning human understanding sparknotes being able to frame sounds into distinct words and to signify ideas by those words, and then that these words are built into language.

In reflection the mind turns toward its own operations, receiving such as ideas as "thinking," "willing," "believing," "doubting. In the rationalist Gottfried Leibniz wrote a response to Locke's work in the form of a chapter-by-chapter rebuttal, the Nouveaux essais sur l'entendement humain "New Essays on Human Understanding".

People who believe they have certain or absolute knowledge are likely to be intolerant of those who hold opposite opinions.

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As an even more unsettling example, take the taste of wine. In all of these sensations, there is a wide degree of variations, and we have names for only a comparatively small number of them. As a really existing thing, consciousness must either be a substance or a quality of a substance.

  • He is arguing here primarily against the rationalists, who believed that our capacity to know is virtually limitless, and the skeptics, who believed that we are incapable of knowing anything at all.
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The belief was as old as the dialogues of Plato, in which the doctrine of a world of ideas or universals had been expressed. It is obvious that the logical outcome of Locke's empirical method could be nothing other than skepticism insofar as the real nature of the external world is concerned.

It is in this connection that Locke tells us we can only say that the primary qualities which are in the external objects have the power to produce the sensations which occur in the mind.

Book II chapter i-vii: Simple Ideas

This is the final thesis submission uoa of Chapter xxvii. The vast majority of this book is spent analyzing the specific subcategories of our ideas.

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Ideas of primary qualities—such as should a thesis statement be the first sentence, number, size, shape, and motion—resemble their causes. First, they may enter through one sense only. The idea of solidity, which receives its own chapter ivwould be another.

SparkNotes: Essay Concerning Human Understanding: Philosophical Themes, Arguments, Ideas

Once he feels secure that he has sufficiently argued the Cartesian position, Locke begins to construct his own theory of the origins of knowledge. Empiricist Theory of Ideas As an empiricist, Lock believes that all of our knowledge comes from experience. One has to wonder whether there really can be an end to this analysis of experience down into component parts, whether there are any fundamental parts that cannot be broken down any further.

When through a process of introspection we examine our own minds, we an essay concerning human understanding sparknotes find that the perception of the object as a whole occurs first, and this is followed by an awareness of the color, shape, and odor which belongs with it. Locke's contribution to empiricism can hardly be overstated; not only did he give us one of the most detailed and plausible accounts of the position to date, but, in a sense, he spurred the entire movement with his innovative ideas.

This is so because, first of all, we cannot observe the internal constitution of things. Many of the philosophers of the so-called rationalistic school followed Plato in this respect.

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A further faculty of the mind that makes knowledge possible is memory, or the retention in the mind of ideas that have been experienced in times past. Analysis In these chapters, Locke has attempted a description of the process by which ideas are formed in human minds. Locke treats each of these topics intelligibly and provocatively, making his book a convenient starting point for students and scholars alike.

Book II, chapters xxiv-xxvi: Ideas of Relation

The size, shape, and motion of insensible particles cause the sensation of color. Neither colors nor sounds would ever exist apart from some mind which perceives them.

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Also included are such ideas as comparing, compounding, naming, and abstracting. In reply to these objections Locke would most likely argue that in order to get into the mind we had at one time to be conscious of these memories and truths. Of course, to remain essentially unaltered has a different meaning for different ideas.

Locke feels that this stubborn adherence to incoherent terms is hindering the acceptance of real scientific progress.

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