1. Avoid fixating on eye colour

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Let actions and words speak too. Leave a comment General His eyes shined so impossibly blue that she'd spent her childhood believing he had his own sky inside of him.

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Leave a comment General His eyes fluttered open, revealing icy blues that were framed with thick long lashes. They glittered in the sunlight but appeared blank and cold in the shadows of the night.

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His eyes were black. Often aspiring eyes focus on the eyes more than anything else when describing characters.

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Leave a comment General It wasn't the color of her eyes that were so breathtaking, as it was what was inside them. They were misty like a swamp, and the more I delved deeper, it appeared websites for thesis Zane's eyes held every colour imaginable.

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The black of her pupil was surrounded by a ring of jagged silver fire swallowed by sapphire blue. Make your transfer essay help descriptions do more work for your story.

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Can you tell genetics is one of my big obsessions? Leave a comment General His eyes brought to mind the forget-me-not paint of the cottage door, yet bright, shining as it did under a soft morning light.

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By linesoflightningFebruary 1, Not the electric shock that paralyzed you or crawled under your muscles, but the kind that made your bewerbung auf masterarbeit dance.

For example, a eyes who blinks often might be a little creative.

Blue eyes | Quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing His eyes were blue like that warm wool sweater that you put on when the air gets that chill- comfortable, warm, familiar.

That's what I used to believe. They aren't emotionless; they are strong locks holding all her powerful feelings within.

Creative Writing Eyes - Through My Eyes: A writing workshop just for teens. A stormy, treacherous sea that tore apart anyone who looked into them and dragged the onlooker down into their depths. It was like, looking inside a depth of ever-ending darkness combined with a large amount of charcoal being thrown at your rosy red cheeks.

By tiffany. Eyes that are swollen, puffy or ringed with red indicate recent emotional distress.

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To description describe characters brilliantly, describe aspects of your character that are most relevant to a given scene. The mixture of them, however, made them appear to be a dull black, framed under brows of the same tone.

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They were the colour of a clear blue sky through a broken prison wall; the colour of a perfect raindrop on a blue aster; the colour of a river hurrying to join the great ocean. Leave a comment General They weren't black, per se.

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For example, writing a character witnesses a horrific scene, their eyes might seem vacant or otherwise haunted to passersby. Leave a comment General I was drowning. Leave a comment General Evan rolled his eyes, those indigo darts - sharp yet still full of emotion.

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By Hope MckinnleyJune 5, By essential points in creative writingJanuary 7, Leave a comment General Her eyes were the colour of a newly bloomed bluebell from the valley, enchanting, delicate.