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Careers after creative writing. 10 jobs you can do with a creative writing degree

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If you can create compelling characters that people want to know more about, and put them in unique situations that force them to tackle a problem or undergo a change, you might have what it takes to make it as a novelist.

Are there any that we missed out?

Here are just a few examples of careers in writing that you may want to consider: 1. A common option is to pursue a vocational route such as teaching, journalism, librarianship or publishing.

SEO This is a fast-growing market, and an understanding of the written word can be extremely useful. They come from the professional world but they also come from art schools from random passion backgrounds from writing programs from all kinds of places.

Writer Image via blogspot OK, so this may be the dream for many of you.

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I myself earned my degree in Creative Writing, and make an upper middle class living writing professionally. Copy editor Copy editors are the quality assurance technicians of the writing world.

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Advertise yourself as a content writer, and a number of doors will open for you. Writing for the video game industry can be much more laid back than writing for a PR firm or a Hollywood studio, however these jobs can be less stable.

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Many columnists also write books or serve as experts on radio and TV talk shows. Communications director Overseeing various types of corporate communications and making sure the public views your company in a favorable light requires a blend of top-notch writing and marketing skills.

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Writers for T. As a ghostwriter, you could be writing corporate blogs, putting out social media updates in a celebrity's name, or transforming a client's ideas, research, or life stories into a book. Specialise in finance and have writing skills?

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And you may not have to look far to find opportunities: Employment in this field is expected to grow almost 18 percent between and Have a persuasive voice and know how to get the people talking?

Because make no mistake - creative writing is everywhere, and wherever you find it, there's a writer behind it somewhere, getting paid mostly. There is no need to box yourself into that paradigm if you don't want to and are open minded about ways to support yourself with your talents and experience as a writer.

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Versatility is a major factor when looking for a job after graduation and choosing to specialize in creative writing for entertainment will give international students the necessary skills to select from a wide variety of jobs available in the entertainment industry.

Traditionally, novelists have worked with literary agents to market and sell their books, but self-publishing is an increasingly popular option. Those that are really successful though work hard to improve their knowledge of both their subject — specialising in a field can sometimes open as many doors as it closes — and the various related parts of the industry, such as production, marketing or web development.

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It could be a single individual, or it could be a person shop, but being a communications manager or executive is a career path unto itself. Customer Service Many of my former classmates have ended up in customer service. Other Marketing And PR Writing press releases, organising ad campaigns, organising events…you can easily use your creative skills in the marketing industry.

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A degree in Five chapters of research paper or journalism can give you the skills you need for this job.