Characteristics of a Good Research Report

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Result-focused means that description of activities is liked with the project objectives. It is important that the report contains the possibility of errors in any of the module or process so that immediate measures could be taken to cope up with these errors.

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It shall not be biased with personal feelings of the writer. Time Consuming and Costly Activity : Report writing is a time consuming, lengthy and costly activity as it involves collection of facts, drawing conclusion and making recommendations.

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It is well spaced, has titles and subtitles and is free of language errors. Clarity depends on the proper arrangement of facts. Research results must invariably enter the general store of knowledge.

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Following decisions need to be made by CSOs to make their reports reader-friendly: What do they need to know? Accuracy 9. A good report presents facts and arguments in a manner that supports the purpose of the report.

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The message of a good report should be self-explanatory. Writing reports are useful for reference purpose.

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This task should be accomplished by the researcher with utmost care; he may seek the assistance and guidance of experts for the purpose. The style of presentation and the diction use of words shall be such that the readers find it attractive and he is compelled to read the report from the beginning to the end.

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Practice Test Ordinarily, when one talks about hypothesis, one simply means a mere assumption or some supposition to be proved or disproved. Any faulty construction of sociology thesis maynooth sentence makes its meaning different to the reader and sometimes become confusing or ambiguous.

Quite often a research hypothesis is a predictive statement, capable of being tested by scientific methods, that relates an independent variable to some dependent variable.

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The analytical report creation is very important phase of market research which acts as a blueprint of the business plan which is to be executed. Even in a technical report there shall be restricted use of technical terms if it has to be presented to laymen. Hypothesis should be limited in scope and must be specific.

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