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Thanks for your love, help, support, pray and advice, so I am better than before.

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Hum the head of English Literature Study Program, and all of her lecturers in English Department for essay ghostwriting, motivation, and useful knowledge. In my own reading, this curse results in an urge to carry out new analyses, in order to look at the high-dimensioned data at still another way, over and over again ad infinitum, though you will never get what you are looking for.

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Especially my sister MA Vuokko Koivuniemi has been a great source of encouragement. Kaarle Kurki-Suonio for guidance, support, inspiring collaboration, and for providing the didactical background on which this work is based.

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In addition, may Peace and Salutation be given to Prophet Muhammad pbuh who has taken all human being from the Darkness to the Lightness. My respected father, my beloved mother, and my sisters who have prayed, motivated, encouraged, reminded the writer to finish the paper as soon as possible.

Rereading William James was inspiring, as always.

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Last but not least, those who cannot be mentioned one by one, who have helped and support the writer to finish this thesis. It goes without saying that it nonetheless took some pains to eventually round off this thesis.

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Anthony Green for revising the language, and for his detailed remarks about the terminology. English is the first foreign language in Indonesia and it has an important role in our life.

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Love you dear. Read more Contoh acknowledgement thesis bahasa inggris persyaratan.

Then, I would like thanks to my parents, for supporting me mentally and

Especially during the steep slope of this learning curve it was very exciting to work on this project. Therefore, any constructive criticism and suggestion will be gladly accepted.

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Without his guidance and persistent help this thesis would not have been possible. Finally, it is expected that this thesis will be beneficial for the readers. Meanwhile, academic thesis paper puts The Dean of the Faculty as the first order.

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On this opportunity, the writer herewith would like to express his profound gratitude, more than he can express, to: 1. The population consisted of students.

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The writer realizes and feels very sure that without His blessing, mercy, and guidance, it would be possible for himself to finish the paper. Smith as well for his assistance and guidance with this paper. Hopefully, may Allah SWT always bless those mentioned above and all their sacrifice becomes their merciful deeds to help them gain a success in their future life.

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The sample of this research was 40 students. Jari Lavonen, for his remarks and advice.