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No matter what an essay discussed, a paper will not be coherent if it lacks good conventions. As I included the opinions of those opposing my argument, I realized that I could easily disprove these claims, thereby better proving my own argument.

In the beginning of the semester, I started by writing a personal narrative on a cookout that my friends and I had with a homeless guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

My writing portfolio is just a small taste of who I am as a writer.

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While I believed that I had fulfilled my capacity compose a decent essay, I would soon find out that writing is a never-ending process of trial and error in which a person never ceases to learn and obtain new knowledge. More importantly, the assignments throughout this semester have also expanded my knowledge and overall understanding of rhetoric and argument.

Has no job and does not plan on getting one anytime soon.

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I made all the margins one inch as well as fix my header. Also for all the help on the research sitting down with me helping me find scholarly sources not just sending me in the forest alone to die.

This shows how much a piece of writing can change just from revising and editing it. Because there is so much freedom, it makes it more fun to write and, in my opinion, produces a better final product.

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Since I could not find any fact to back this up I decided that it would be best for me to delete it. I went back and changed the paper to fit MLA guidelines. With the countless amounts of possibilities for poetry, it gives the writer a great amount of freedom when writing something.

In addition, the study of history requires and extensive amount of argumentative writing, in which students must compile and utilize extensive amounts of research and facts throughout history in order to prove a specific point. In my early writings I never really read through and read my writings because in my mind I thought they were good but being in English and getting feedback from my peers and you really encouraged me to take a second look when I write.

  1. Learning information on this made my paper better all-around as I was able to get a better understanding from this information on what made my image in particular so intriguing.
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The words I found were a combination of words from different lessons we did throughout the year. So for all these I went back and found sources and changed many thing in my paper.

I definitely spent more time editing and revising elements of the Poetry Unit more than ones in other categories of my portfolio. The paper I wrote on the death penalty was really good to start with. Having proper conventions is something that is universal with any paper. While coming up best essays on grief a topic — the ridiculousness of reality television- was relatively easy, my group members and I ran into a problem very early on, as not one of us had ever made a video like this before.

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I then changed the word to its correct spelling taken and it made the sentence clearer for my reader. Enrolling in AP English Language, my writing moved from the all too familiar and structured literary analysis papers to writing in a more argumentative and highly critical style.

A Review Unit was also included in my portfolio.

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One example of this was in my image analysis when we were asked to present facts in our paper on what made our image intriguing to viewers. Because of this, some categories had more time spent on them as opposed to others.

Ultimately, with the ability to better organize my thoughts and ideas, I acquired the skills to effortlessly translate my brainstorms and free writes into well-organized essays. How I have demonstrated reading and writing in my paper is simply going back and reading my papers making sure everything is clear and understandable to my reader.

For this unit, we had to choose our twenty-five to fifty favorite vocabulary words that we learned over the past year. I am now eloquent in conveying my ideaschoosing positive and strong words to illustrate my viewpoints.

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On several occasions, I had to compose various ideas for my major essays, and brainstormed different arguments that could be effective or not. From film to advertisements, we as a society are constantly bombarded with various medians of rhetoric that attempt to persuade our thinking.

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More importantly, I have attained the confidence in myself and my writing to assert any argument or opinion that I have without doubt or hesitation. You gave me plenty of comments of where I needed to cite my work or where I could cite work within my paper to back up the many claims that I had made.

Before I knew it, I could upload and cut clips, input transitions, and even add songs to the background. This unit was extremely helpful to me. I fixed the heading as well as added my last name and page number to the upper right hand corner.

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When I went back and revised it, I changed several key things that made it even better. Having enrolled in you English writing course, I have undergone a remarkable growth in writing both technically and ideologically. She lives in a little 3 bedroom town house works 40 plus hours a week sometimes she struggles but she always finds her way back.

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I fixed the titles but italicizing them instead of underlining them. This is one area of my writing that I am always working to improve because it truly does make a huge difference in the end. For the example I used, I started off by writing a completely different poem than the one I ended up with.

I enjoyed this unit and think that it really gives a general idea of my writing style from the pieces I chose to incorporate into it. But the overall quality of the class is great I learned a lot more things in this one semester in English than I probably ever have in my entire life.

I did not know how to write an essay because the Brazilian education system focuses on grammar.

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This project went a step beyond the other two major assignments, as it asked that we not only work in groups, but also that we create a visual element like a video that somehow relays our desired argument. December 8, Cover Letter Each essay in this portfolio took a good amount of time to revise and edit—some more than others.

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Also, there is not one correct format that must be used. These three examples could be anything including books, movies, poems, plays, etc. After considering all the assignments I have completed throughout this term, I have to the realization that all the knowledge and skills I have attained in Accelerated Composition will prove to only benefit me in my future academic endeavors and beyond.

I know my will not reflect on how much I actually learned in the class opposed to how much work I turned. This was a product of a prior writing style, which I was exposed to that did not allow me to think outside the box. When I write papers I tend to stray off of topic a lot which really makes it unclear for my reader.

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It shows my style of writing, my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, and the things I like most about writing. Back in high school the teachers would accept anything.

Overall, the narrative ended up cover letter english portfolio better than before because of the growth I have achieved over this semester. Thus, after finishing this assignment, I realized the importance of extensive research and numerous sources.