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I first came across this in George R.

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Use simple language. What does the outcome of the battle mean to them? What is the end result they need from the battle? For another good example we return to the father of fantasy, Tolkien. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariOctober 19, The pale bleak sun that glittered so blindingly from the ice-fields custom essay admission the snow-covered plains struck sheens of silver from rent corselet and broken blade, where the dead lay in heaps.

  • Better syntax Their iron-shod feet clapped off the frozen ground like the rumbling of thunder.
  • Now they camped a mile away to plan the ransacking of the town itself.

Repetition 3 The wind whipped at our faces. The stench is awful, because in death, the bladder and bowels have opened.

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Make the reader feel as if they could actually pick up that weapon and defend themselves even just a little bit. Or week-long rain turning the field into knee-deep mud, making it difficult for foot soldiers, let alone horses or chariots.

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The nerveless hand yet gripped the broken hilt: helmeted heads, back-drawn in the death throes, tilted red beards and golden beards grimly upward, as if in last invocation to Ymir the frost-giant.

By contrast, think of a movie like The Princess Bride, in which every fight is special — every conflict is resolved using different means, whether trickery or skill or simply iron-willed determination. Leave a comment General It was a battlefield that appeared to be anything but, the players unknowing of their roles and every one of them a double agent.

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These men that were once boys who played in the yard with sticks and laughed at each other's silly tales were now meat for the birds. Their masters took stock of the outcome, considering their armies in numbers only.

1. Set the point of view

The battle was lost, the enemy had won. Now she was swinging free; he thought she had slipped and he called frantically, still drawing her upwards.

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Foot archers can receptionist cover letter jobhero on any terrain, especially in the mountains. Name locations, uva creative writing contact, weapons.

Show how it feels, rather than just saying it.