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What responsibilities would you have in order to take care of this pet? Tell what happened. Describe the important features of the landscape, what the climate is like, and if there are any life forms on this planet.

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Describe what it would be like if you lived on the moon. Write about how you would help your friend in a positive way. Aliens have abducted you as you were walking to school. Acting out a scene can bring it to life and help you understand the workings of dialogue.

What made this decision creative writing groups boston difficult? What is your favorite hobby?

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You have won a contest to go out to dinner with your favorite movie star. What do you think is the "perfect" age to be?

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You've designed a new video game for kids. Write instructions that explain how to make a healthy snack that would be good to pack in your lunch box.

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Looking for your next role? Write a description on an extinct species and what would have happened if it were still alive. Inside the ancient Egyptian pyramid I discovered What is one thing that you wish you could do better? What is your least favorite subject? Describe a visit to the dentist.

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Using Your Imagination Creative Writing Prompts and Journal Ideas If you could choose one superpower to have for a day, which superpower would you select? These rules are: "show, don't tell" and "all adverbs must die". If you could open a business of your own, what kind of business would it be?

What is your least favorite subject? Is there anything you can do right now to prepare for your future plans?

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What type of clothing would they wear? Stabilo Young Journalist of the Year — is looking for handwritten journalistic columns by children of up to words by 7th July. What would happen if everyone lived in space? If you were a principal and you had to hire some new teachers for your school, what qualities would you look for in a teacher? Story prompts The oldest trick in the book, perhaps, but still a good one.

If you could design a whole day to do anything and everything you wanted, what would you choose to do? Create a new planet. If you don't have any, do you wish you did?

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Think about a time when you felt scared about something. This was the worst place imaginable to run out of gas in my car! Photograph: Allstar 1.

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What would you do if you found a magic wand? What are your favorite foods?

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What traditions do you and your family share during this holiday? Voices — a writing competition, run by the charity Coram Voice, which is open to children and young people who are in or have experience of the care system. Write about a time when you were embarrassed.

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Write about your brothers and sisters. Invent a new animal. It was obviously going to be an unusual day when my mom came into my bedroom and said What do you want to be remembered for? By focusing on one sense at a time, the children he is doing his homework now an understanding of what it takes to hone in on just one aspect, shutting all others out.

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  2. Do you own anything that is so special that you would never sell it for any price?
  3. When would you use this ability?
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  6. Like I said, they are all linked to one another.

What are 5 things that you can do to become a better student? Write about what this new device would do and why you'd like to use it. One Teen Story — story submission site for teenagers. Write about a trip to the zoo.

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You've designed a new video game for kids. What is the most special gift that you have ever received? Write about the different ways that you would communicate with people in different places. What is your favorite television show and why?

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What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs? If you could break the Guiness Book of Records, what would it would be for? What would you do if you were one inch tall? How did you feel when you accomplished this goal? My life as a pirate What would you do?

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Describe your favorite sport and explain the rules for playing this game. Do you own anything that is so special that you would never sell it for any price? How do you try to be a good friend to others?

I also don’t want them to feel daunted by writing tasks or see them as a chore

What is your favorite on rest days what should i eat of weather? Dear Teacher, I couldn't do my homework last night because If you can find video clips of a writer whose work you're using as a model or studying in class, then this can really help pupils to engage with their work.

What would happen if you found gold in your backyard? What have they done or what will they have to do?

Creative Writing Tasks for KS2 Students

If you had to design a new uniform for creative writing groups boston school, what would it look like? Write about your favorite trip or vacation. Create a new planet. How would they travel?

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How would they react in various situations?