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Free Creative Writing Prompts #46: Sleep

I had to go back several times to get my head around it. I was clouded in my thoughts about what had happened today.

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This sentence is just not right. Waking up General With you no longer here, sleep becomes a fleeting chore. Leave a comment I tried to keep my eyes open, I really did. What is the most comfortable bed that you've ever slept on? By purestarlightDecember 4, By cassieNovember 8, A little bit of TV? Leave a comment General Night rolls around and after a time the sandman comes to heavy my lids.

Warm milk? And he was so handsome as he slept, that steady heart, those steady breaths, more than enough to make me fall in love with him all over again. Leave a comment General Paulo is sleepy; his head lolls and the muscles of his face relax, releasing the tension of his day.

She considered the sleeping pills the doctor had prescribed. My heart is thumping out of my chest. It was usually somewhere in the early hours before her thoughts became disorganized enough to release her mind into sleep.

Falling asleep

The car is sliding on black ice. I don't want to sleep, not yet. I wrote a list in my planner, I have alerts from my phone, yet somehow all that isn't enough. She tossed from one side to the other, her bed that had been so careful made became a tangle of covers.

But she always told me to stay back from the fight. If you leave out the inserted sentence "in all its power", you get: My eyes grow heavy from the overwhelming effects of excessive agitation of the brain for which I had not prepared for its weakness.

Free Creative Writing Prompts # Sleep

After a tortured eternity the room began to get lighter and the birds chirped, she threw back the covers and stumbled out. I want a coffee but the caffeine will put me over the edge. He lets his head loll from one side to the other, eyes closing one more time as he enjoys the brief darkness.

I get a lot done before the sunrise: exercise, food preparation, cleaning. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariDecember 6, But as usual my wishes mean nought and behind these closed lids the idiocy continues.

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  3. My eyes were open like the entrance to a tunnel.
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Gran stifles a laugh, "Can't say that babe don't love his bed. Nothing will change if she doesn't fight it.

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By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariMarch 20, The velvet voice brings the lyrics, words as familiar as the voice of a trusted lover. Leave a comment General Every night is a futile tussle of conflicting thoughts.

But if he was awoken in the night he'd never get back to sleep.

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Leave a comment General In the inkiness my mind supplies demons real and fictitious. By jamesNovember 8, He cuddles in, feeling the rise and fall of his lover's chest, the rhythmic noise slowing his own breathing. My eyes began to drift closed.

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There is no option to sleep on, no chance to rest and conjure his dream anew. After summer she was going to special effects make-up school, then the world was her oyster. After five minutes more he wakes with a start even though he had no recollection of falling asleep.

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Now all he had to do was let go. My insomnia had not worn off yet, so I tossed and turned until finally, the God of slumber, Hypnos had blessed me The back of his brain was awake as he typed, however, the soldiers across the front of his brain blocked its vision so that he couldn't for the life of him operate his hands to click the correct keys.

I'm running for the bus but it's pulling away already. What was it about the bed that made sleeping nearly immediate and divine? Leave a comment General His heart thumped in accordance with slow, shallow breaths.

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Twenty minutes latter a man hollered on the street. If you're interested in sharing this writing with the rest of us, feel free to use the space below. The house is burning and I can't dowse it. I wish to drift away into a never ending dream, but dreams are only a memory in this hell of reality.

And for a few seconds when she awoke she was oblivious to her concerns. And I can't escape.

There were days he'd recall those adventures of the nighttime and lavish them upon us over breakfast, no doubt with a few beautiful details added on the fly. Leave a comment General When his thoughts became nonsense, and all the more interesting for it, he knew he was falling asleep.

Sleepless | Quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Leave a comment General My head has become foggy, like that time when alcohol takes me into oblivion, but I haven't drunk a drop. For hours it has seeped into my pores, dowsing my mind in its thick toxicity. And then finally when the carousel came to a stop and her mind was able to meander freely in the random thought that is the precursor of sleep, she would often realize that she was close to drifting off and her anxiety would start the carousel up all over again.

Leave a comment General It was kind of like the eclipse in a strange sense of the phrase.