Writing Prompts for 5th Grade

Creative writing for fifth graders, the ultimate...

What is your favorite movie and why? Write a story about your day.

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Imagine there are no grocery stores and you must get your own food. What happened?

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Will she be a rabbit forever? February 12, at 9: Thank you so much, Shannon.

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Imagine that you are given the power to make any one of your dreams come true. Get your child find their creative writing worksheet for creative writing exercises for students to fifth-grade writing. Personification is when a non-living object takes on human characteristics.

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Now vs. What would this holiday celebrate?

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This was the worst place imaginable to run out of gas in my car! Think of one of your favorite stories from your childhood—and then rewrite it with an alternate ending.

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Whether it's a page on a website, an image from the Internet, or a personal e-mail, documentation is the best way to give "props" where they're due. I was not expecting what was waiting for me just as I rounded the corner.

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Is it a pot of gold, or something else? What makes it so great?

  • If you could switch lives with anyone in your school, who would it be?
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A sport? Describe one vivid memory from that day. The elevator stopped suddenly, and I was stuck inside the elevator with Do you go alone or bring a friend along?

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If you could start any type of business, what kind of business would you start? Do you have a favorite song?

Imagine a giant box is delivered to your front door stop with your name on it. Imagine you follow a rainbow to the end. Metropolitan verney creative writing topics are inferencing often, creative writing and therapy writing worksheets is ideal for different kinds of.

Imagine that there were no telephones, cell phones, or computers.

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What are some things you can do to help encourage your family and friends to recycle? Which one would you choose and why? What would happen if you could talk to animals? What is the flavor of the ice cream called and what ingredients is it made with? What if cows gave root beer instead of milk?

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Describe the steps for how you make lemonade and the types of customers you see during the day. What do you do with the elephant?

Cover Letter Examples for Internships Every cover letter should be approached the same way: based on the job you are applying for and your experience.

Explain how you play your favorite game. Try writing your own credo of things that you believe in and feel are important. Would you rather go to a baseball game or read a good book? Describe the clothes you are wearing.

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Many wars have been fought in the past. Do you think you would enjoy it or be glad to be back to normal the next day? What does the tree have to say?

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What are you currently learning about in history class? Write your review of the movie and why you think people should watch it.