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The resurgence of our self-governing undergraduate student association Sigma Tau Delta is evidence that faculty have conveyed a sense of appreciation for our discipline.

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But he also says that artistic fictions are more philosophical than history. The department offers a variety of classes in Italian, as well as some courses with readings and discussion in English to satisfy diverse needs.

For a richer sense of what we offer undergraduates, see what we say dissertation on transformational leadership Learning Objectives in English. Global Studies This interdisciplinary major brings together anthropology, political science, international relations, history, foreign languages and religion.


Social Utility All writing is creative writing, with extensive relations between English and other disciplines, and one Justice of the U. Moses prize for creative writing likewise is read and judged by all creative writing faculty in turns.

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In recent years our graduates have been placed in every major law school in the entire country, and particularly in the northeast. Courses are kept small to allow for maximum interaction between students and professors.

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Global Studies challenges students to learn about themselves, to question who they want to become, and to discover how they can actively participate in their world. Not all assessment comes from faculty. Courses in this interdisciplinary major meet many of the requirements for admission to the professional programs in medicine, nursing, and other fields. Video by Mira Zimet.

Learning objectives for the Narrative Studies major

Geological Sciences This major includes a spectrum of disciplines focused on understanding the processes that influence the tectonics and environment of the planet. No single discipline embraces all of these aspects to the exclusion of other disciplines. They are invitations to live other lives—both in time and place—to test attitudes and understandings that are beyond our own immediate experience.

Students often study abroad.

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  • This major teaches students to understand, design, and implement effective solutions to meet organizational, societal, and management needs for information and decision support.
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Our studies in narrative are based in the humanities, coordinate with practice in the arts and media, and culminate in an individual project that will be unique to each student. We have nearly 40 full-time faculty and they are always available for advisement. Experiential learning is an important component of the Health and Humanity major, and a health-related internship is required.

We use roundtable discussions for courses with several sections, sharing syllabi and encouraging exchanges about expectations, while avoiding rigidity and sameness. Opportunities for undergraduates are widened by the numerous visiting lectures, workshops, and seminars offered by an extraordinary cluster of centers and institutes directed by History faculty.

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The Bachelor of Arts degree is recommended for students interested in the Earth Sciences but who intend to pursue careers in other fields, such as business, law, or education.

Emphasis is placed on practical economic research, such as how economics can be used to better understand contracts and competition within industries. Please share your stories, updates, and projects with us by contacting our undergraduate student coordinators. These aspects shift masters programs creative writing to culture, time, and audience, with shared understandings, perspectives, materials, media, and procedures.

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All writing is creative—fiction or fact, prose or poetry, with sight or sound—and words matter. Learning objectives for the English major A student with a major in English should graduate with an appreciation for the relations between representation and the human soul the relations between words and ideas the social utility of a sophisticated understanding of discourse.

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Funding packages also cover full tuition remission and health insurance. Study in English is a way of knowing our stories, and at USC we approach them critically and creatively.

Health and Humanity The Health and Humanity major intended for students interested in fields that inform the health professions and in related questions about health and human experience. Many students choose to pursue a complimentary graduate certificate concurrent with the Ph. Students also examine sustainable approaches to problems related to energy, water, transportation, etc.

We believe immediate assessment must be coupled with long-term assessment of fifteen years or more, when we canvass our graduates masters programs creative writing ask whether the English Department prepared them for the lives they now live. We recommend that prospective students interested in this major apply to the major they would like to combine with Informatics.

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All programs are highly interdisciplinary, with faculty and courses drawn from many departments in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science and from the professional schools at USC. They study the complex connections between the local and the global to understand the webs that link local actions to international outcomes.

We recommend that prospective students interested in this major apply to one of the majors they would like to study through the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

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Earth Scientists focus on today's pressing challenges to society: earthquake risk, water resource availability, natural resources and sustainability, and societal impact of changing climate.

All faculty take turns as readers and all decisions are reached through discussion. Video by article in dornsife.

English & Creative Writing

This major was specially designed to accommodate students who are interested in the pre-med track, and it was one of the first majors to be created with the MCAT revisions in mind. We expect our students: to learn these ways with language and representation; to hear and practice our different languages in English for a lifetime fazit schreiben projektarbeit technischer bericht new ideas; to exercise their own skills in writing; to study six-hundred years of the rainy season creative writing of creative writing.

Many share appointments in other departments, and can help guide you beyond our department and beyond USC. The level courses feature advanced studies in theory, creative writing seminars and workshops and special topics.

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