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Read more about the Liu siblings, their connection to Ohio State, and their commitment to promoting writing and STEM field connections. Minors Whether you are an English major who wants to hone your professional writing skills, a biology major interested in the medical humanities, a computer science major who loves comics and popular culture, a biology major with a penchant for creative writing, an engineering student who needs to draft stronger lab reports or a business major who wants to read literature, the Department of English has a minor program for you.

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We believe a well-rounded education includes opportunities to travel, experience new places and expand your comfort zone. Our program is made up of six in-residence faculty and approximately forty-five graduate students. As an English major, you learn how to think outside the box and how to interpret the world around you — skills that impress any employer.

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In addition to sharpening their critical reading abilities, students in this program will develop the skills needed to create original poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. On the application webform, the student must identify the four courses they propose to take as well as provide a statement that describes how those courses will develop their expertise in a field or subfield of English.

  • While a grade of C- will be permitted in courses comprising the Creative Writing minor, the overall grade point average for the minor must be a 2.
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Over one-third of our partners are nonprofits dedicated to a cause you can support with your writing skills. Ohio State's size and breadth present our students with the chance to explore many disciplines that enrich their study and practice of creative writing. Students can repeat only one of the courses required for the minor.

Step 4: Confirmation Once the Graduate School confirms the decision, the student will receive a confirmation email. For specific questions, please contact cwmfa osu. In addition to including a wide variety of courses reflecting the diverse interests of our faculty and undergraduates, the department's minor coursework is designed to complement and build upon the knowledge and skills that students have already begun to acquire as part of their major programs.

Furthermore, students who hope to eventually pursue graduate study in creative writing through a Master of Fine Arts program, or doctoral study in English with an emphasis in creative writing, have the have the unique opportunity at OSU to take classes creative writing masters programs in canada the award-winning resident faculty of our own MFA program as well as introductory and intermediate classes taught by MFA students.

Graduate Minor in English | Department of English

For questions, please contact the English graduate program office via email or phone The and level courses listed here are repeatable, which means that students are welcome to take the same course twice. The minor consists of four undergraduate courses for a minimum of 12 total credit hours. Wherever you complete an internship, you will learn about writing in the workplace, the industry of your specific worksite and, above all, about yourself and what you want out of a professional career after graduation.

Write blog posts to promote the work of the city of Hilliard. The prerequisites for level workshops are English In addition to sharpening their critical reading abilities, students in this program will develop the skills needed to create original poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

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There are additional and compelling reasons for the study of creative writing. Internship gives you the opportunity to practice your skills in a work-world setting. These opportunities are here for you to take advantage of. The coordinator of the minor will be notified to review the application, and the student's advisor will also receive an email notice that the student submitted the form. Literary history: Students could take courses in one historical period ex: Renaissanceadjacent historical periods ex: medieval and Renaissance or eighteenth and nineteenth century or a range of courses that provide students with a solid background in a national literature ex: American literature, nineteenth-century American literature and contemporary literature.

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During your internship, you will: practice the writing you'll produce in today's digital-age sample cover letter for it student gain meaningful work-world experience build contacts and develop references for future jobs Once you've had your portfolio reviewed and you have interviewed with the program coordinator, we work with you to find an internship placement that matches your professional goals with the needs of our workplace partners.

You will often translate complex scientific text into engaging and compelling materials for print materials and the web.


The level workshops are open admission courses and may be taken twice 6 semester hours for credit. Many of our partners are nonprofit organizations working on behalf of causes like community organizing and adult education Godman Guildfood access initiatives Local Matters or the environment Ohio Environmental Council.

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This certificate provides a vehicle for enhancing the intellectual and personal development of students by allowing them to strengthen their writing skills and, at the same time, explore new topics and issues related to their personal interests.

With only 40 - 47 hours in the major, it is easy to combine a creative writing major with another major or do your homework in chinese. The prerequisite for level workshops is English Electives Complete 6 credit hours from the following courses.

Our graduate program includes coursework designed for "crossing over"--poetry workshops, for example, for MFA fiction writers or essayist with little experience writing poems--and "forms" classes in prosody, the novel, memoir, novellas etc.

Students may have already taken one or more of these courses before they enroll in the minor.

A grade of B or better or S when applicable is required in each course comprising the minor. If the student is accepted into the program, the chair of the minor program will approve the electronic program form. The MFA program, launched inis a three-year, fully funded program of study. If you creative writing minor ohio state these in a more accessible format, please contact english.

Creative Writing Minor The Creative Writing minor is designed to engage undergraduates in an in-depth study of the craft of creative writing. Certificate Requirements Program Overview The Writing Certificate provides students of all majors except English the opportunity to enhance their writing abilities and have this expertise appear as a credential on their transcripts.

Along with university core courses, in your major you will be taking a wide range of writing courses in different genres, including: Intermediate Poetry.

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Folklore: Students could take courses in fieldwork, ethnography and performance studies. Special topics graduate workshops in the long poem, in free verse, in characterization, in humor writing, and so on and special topics undergraduate honors seminars in music and creative writing, in retellings and responses, etc.

Step 3: Form approval The list of courses and statement will be submitted to the Department of English's Graduate Studies Committee for final approval.

Undergraduate Creative Writing Program

The Writing Certificate Director can approve electives substitutions of any university-designated J or JE courses that have not yet been listed below. We encourage you to explore our website for more information about all aspects of our program.

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For example, a survey of employers conducted for the Association of American Colleges and Universities revealed that 89 percent of those surveyed identified the ability to communicate effectively as a key intellectual skill for successful employees. In addition to writing workshops, we also offer a special topics honors course in the study of creative writing as well as a course in literary publishing.

The undergraduate alumni listed below are currently pursuing graduate degrees in Creative Writing at institutions located around the country. Contribute to the Ohio State Bar Association's media presence via press releases and print and digital articles.

There is a national demand for employees who have strong skills in writing. English Writing of Creative Nonfiction I Practice in the writing of creative nonfiction; analysis and discussion of student work, with reference to the general methods and scope of the genre.

We are a best friend essay questions community of writers committed to art and craft of writing.