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Why do you think it is important? This a great way to get to know children. Have you ever been to a job interview? Your character has serious doubts, but needs the money, and therefore agrees Neighbors: Make up a story or poem about your next door neighbor. At a Chinese restaurant, your character opens his fortune cookie and reads the following message: "Your life is in danger.

What do you discover on your land?

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This is a great writing topic to use when teaching children about losing. How do you use it? Would you rather be very beautiful or very smart? Her husband is suspicious, and the gifts begin to get stranger Fire-starters: Write about building a fire. What is the first thing you think of when you hear or see the word green? Invent a character who doesn't have this strength.

What do you think would be necessary to be able to break the world record? I opened the door, saw a clown, and then Do you like having your own store? What are some of the satire articles that are inside? That's how he discovers that his teenage son has a small marijuana plantation behind the garage.

Will people still use them in 25 years or will something else take its place? Do you like to watch the Olympics? If I had three wishes, I would wish for Dollhouse: Write a poem or short story from the viewpoint of someone living in a doll house. Imagine you are opening a store that only sells items which are blue.

Beat: Listen to music with a strong rhythm or listen to statement conclusion questions tricks loops. Write a story about what might happen. Do you think it is important to have good table manners? What kind of unusual house would you like to live in?

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Do you get bored easily? Empathy: Write about your feelings of empathy or compassion for another person. Some people who are alive today grew up without computers o r video games.

Would you rather live somewhere that is always cold, or somewhere that is statement conclusion questions tricks hot? The strangest dream I ever had was Describe in detail what makes it so horrifying. How do you clean everything up?

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Out of the Box: Imagine finding a box. What historical time period and location would you go back to live in if you could? What is something you can do every day to reach that goal? The school librarian has called you to help her. Cravings: Write about craving something.

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If you could go to work with one of your parents for a day, what do you think the curriculum vitae creator would be like? Your character decides to accept the audition anyway and look for a solution The hard cover means that the paper will not get damaged as easily as a regular paperback. He is returning some books to the library for his mother and is startled to notice that the librarian looks exactly like him, only about thirty years older.

Why is it important to be honest and not lie? Insult: Write about being insulted. If so, write about the experience!

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What is something fun that boring grown-ups could do instead of being so boring? Who is creative writing professor positions favorite person on the planet?

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If you could speak any foreign language fluently, which one would you like to speak and why? Summarize the plot of an episode. How do you help him find his rabbit? What items do you pack in your suitcase? I hope so. Write about which one you think you would like to do more and why.

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With prompts that pertain to writing about people, you might encourage students to write about multiple people, considering people in their lives and people they don't know personally. You will get a variety of answers which make this a fun and interesting topic.

I am going to creative writing dark night to you about how to break through whatever is stopping you from writing by using creative writing prompts. Creative writing can be used to explain many types of writing. Pretend your little sister ate carrots for dinner and by the next morning woke up with rabbit ears!

Pretend you walked outside to find a sleeping dragon in your backyard! Your friend wants to do something dangerous. Steeling yourself, you creative writing prompt funny outside in your pajamas, turn your face up to the sky, and tell the rain sternly that it needs to stop. You are building a new city. What is your favorite movie?

When was a time you felt you were treated unfairly?

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If you found the treasure what was it? You have won a never ending lifetime supply of spaghetti noodles.

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What genre would it be? Say nothing to anyone. What are you going to call your land? A campfire, a scream, and a small lie that gets bigger and bigger.