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It is important to get associated with organizations which have good track record and dynamic management to quickly respond to any change. Advanced information technologies are used, for instance, to produce better forecasts on the market or competitors, control inventory costs, and order electronically from suppliers. However, consumers lack of knowledge about direct and network marketing.

These two projections depend on the demographic development in Germany Destatis,p. Differences between lawful multi-level marketing model and illegal pyramid schemes The following factors differentiate illegal pyramids from lawful direct selling businesses: Legitimate direct selling companies offer a genuine business opportunity based on the sale of quality products to consumers.


Moreover, some producers began to sell their products without intermediary trade directly to final consumers with the help of sales representatives. Price A value that will purchase a finite quantity, weight, or other measure of a good or service.

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  • Social Responsibility Despite an increasingly competitive environment, social responsibility, with regards to ethical, environmental and cultural issues has become an important factor in the strategic orientation of companies.
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If so much opportunities are being created, why failure rate of network marketers so high? There are no supervisors or employees, no managers or executives. Your compensation then includes a percentage of the sales of your entire sales group as well as earnings on your own sales to retail customers.

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Even modest entry fees may be refundable if the new direct seller decides not to pursue the opportunity. Liebermann and Zentesp.

Network Marketing - Enrichment or deception?

Major Store Retailer Types 2. Ultimately, however the underlying reason for the extraordinary attractiveness of network marketing is life style- the potential of person, economic and time freedom.

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It is interesting that in spite of growth of network marketing in last few decades, the failure rate has remained fairly constant. Retailing, in contrast, is in a negative and deteriorated business climate due to price pressures, for example, in food and beverages, as well as expectations of future price concessions Abberger,p.

Dean Van Druffon the other hand, contended that multi-level marketing has its disadvantages.

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Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, offer get-rich-quick schemes to induce participants to buy "ground-floor" or "leadership" positions. In contrast, pyramid schemes often encourage or require large stocks of non-refundable inventory and disappointed scheme participants are then left with stock which they can neither sell nor return.

Profit distribution In Traditional business, according to Burkes Hedges, the owner of the business enjoys the major chunk of the profit.

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Global Expansion In order to escape mature and saturated home markets, many retailers with strong market positions and unique brands, such as McDonalds or Coca-Cola, are expanding internationally.

Network marketing is not an easy road: you have to work hard. Inflow of immigrants is increasing racial and ethnic diversity with Hispanics and Asians being the fastest growing groups. Currently, over 60 million people work in the network marketing business worldwide Zacharias,p.

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This procedure ensures the economic thesis defence preparation of any network marketing company. Will I enjoy doing the business on day-to-day basis? Distributor demonstrates the effectiveness of the products and can also compare them to other products.

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Qualitative The objective of the qualitative function is to group individual products or services into the entire product or service line. In general, trade marketing is focusing on sales fundamentals, such as the price- product- placement- and promotion-policy 2.

NMOs depend on personal selling and a compensation plan for their sales force. Gummesson,p. Analysing the impact of celebrity endorsement on consumer purchase intention: Case of UK Cosmetics industry. NMOs depend on personal selling and a compensation plan for their sales force.

Schenkp. Throughout history, people have used relationship marketing to expand their businesses.

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Obviously, it is not possible for all costs to be eliminated. This means that some NMOs promote themselves as a way for the ordinary person to attain wealth and status without such barriers to entry.

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The objective of this approach is to create a positive image of NWM through customer satisfaction. Individual entrepreneurs and small business organizations will increasingly look for fresh avenues on the Internet.

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Unlike most businesses, there is very little capital risk. Impact of mobile marketing on customer relationship management: Case study of UK tourism industry This is a dissertation topic which follows into how customer relationship management aqa gcse english creative writing task impacted by the strategy of mobile marketing.


The study investigated purchasing and shopping behavior; generalized orientation towards buying habits associated with direct selling, attitude towards direct selling programs and perceived satisfaction among the users of this method of distribution. But a major change is occurring in the demographic composition of the workforce.

One example of the change in retail industry is homeland market saturation.

  • Product A good or service that most closely meets the requirements of particular market and yields enough profit to justify its continued existence A potential customer or recruit.
  • Each new participant pays for the chance to advance to the top and profit from payments of others who might join later.
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Consumer Attitudes Towards Network Marketing Barnowe and McNabb also made a study about consumer attitudes towards direct selling methods, through face-to-face interviews with residences in three 3 Pacific North West metropolitan areas. Regional The regional function is for compensation of geographical differences between production and consumption. In recent years, nonstore retailing increased, that includes selling to final customers such as home parties, door-to-door contact and other direct selling approaches.

And the most important statement should be emphasized is that multilevel marketing is a legitimate income opportunity for everybody.


Currently, over 60 million people work in the network marketing business worldwide Zacharias,p. Nevertheless, an ambivalent societal perception of network marketing exists. But have you ever seen anything real or worthwhile where you did not have to work?

Being a part of a MLM organization means that one must accept that selling to friends, neighbors and family is a part of building the business also termed as networking. Direct marketing is a specific form where retailing and wholesaling are combined. In other words, the main tasks facing commercial firms are the qualitative, quantitative and time-based adjustments between production and consumption.

This term also includes Avon representatives and Amazon. The profits are shared with another person, namely with an owner of a sales office or sales agent, thesis statement teenage alcoholism looks for sales out — lets for a particular producer.


Moreover, network marketing is a marketing approach which benefits from relationships.