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The authors of these dissertations and theses have opted to publish as open access.

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In these stories, Ellis disrupts the ideology of separate spheres by suggesting that this philosophy is a cause of alcoholism. Chapter three explores the research findings, arguing that the findings counter critiques of asynchronous online tutoring as ineffective and disengaging on the part of tutor and student alike.

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In such cases the examiners' advice to the candidate shall be limited to advice, in general terms, about the deficiencies in presentation not the content of the thesisand the candidate will be required to resubmit the thesis normally within one month. In order to show how literary characters can be presented as examples, I read Bleak House, Dracula, and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There as illustrative texts demonstrating how community membership depends on the rhetorical knowledge of literacy practices.

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This chapter demonstrates that Ellis, though not necessarily radical, is more liberal than she has been given credit for in terms of her educational scheme for women. Ultimately, she argues that women are better off remaining single than risking an unfortunate marriage.

Chapter One explores the use of Dante and Carroll in the novel Vile Bodies by explaining a deterioration of both culture and humanity while providing a remedy that is literature.

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Their hermeneutic understanding of human learning development and motivation towards action are crucial for understanding how to help students become self-reflective, socially engaged members of a free society. As impending water shortages threaten the region, this dissertation initiates a much needed conversation about the role literary and rhetorical production has in shaping attitudes and behaviors toward the Colorado and its finite resources.

Diverse College Writers and the Conversation on Error and Standardization Across the Curriculum Tommy Pierce, Rhetoric and Writing Michelle Kells, Chair Standardization and the treatment of error is a central concern in the increasingly diverse college composition classroom.

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In cases of exceptionally poor presentation, the examiners may jointly recommend that a thesis should be returned to the candidate engineering dissertation length revision and resubmission prior to the oral examination. The Wilderness in Medieval English Literature: Genre, Audience and Society Lisa Myers, Medieval Studies Anita Obermeier, Chair This dissertation focuses on the disjunction between the actual environmental conditions of medieval England and the depiction of the wilderness in the literature of the time period from the Bachelorarbeit biochemie conversion to the close of the Middle Ages.

This dissertation points toward an approach to error and standardization that avoids the prescriptive vs.

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This analysis also shows how portrayals of vanishing farmers often preserve the racialist logic of extinction discourse, wherein race contributes to extinction. Yet these efforts often had the effect of reinforcing divisions within the race, creating an elite class that was put forth as evidence of race progress.

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I explore ways that Native authors depict gender violence and male characters who, like Native women, negotiate colonization and assert sovereignty. This dissertation begins with an explanation of intertextual theory and the words and phrases pivotal to a cohesive understanding of these findings.

By examining these thematically linked works by Kate Chopin, Emily Dickinson, and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, childbirth as a thematic legacy is grounded in the pioneering texts of these female authors. Besides, we have a progressive delivery option.

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The authors of these dissertations and theses have opted to publish as open access. Using environmental history to identify the moments of slippage between fact and fiction, this project examines the ideology behind the representations of the wilderness in literature and the relationship of these representations to social practices and cultural norms as well as genre and targeted audience.

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I know immediately that it is of deny genuine supersti- in that its author is expected that at all, and their effect on the process of making sentences that get it right and not from books.

This project what makes a good dissertation conclusion that early Mexican American writers offer an alternative paradigm of transnationalism for understanding the literature, culture, and geography of the U.

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In addition to establishing childbirth as a community event within the literature, this study simultaneously seeks to utilize the depictions of childbirth and the wider readings of various characters associated with the event to complicate common character readings, especially along the lines of gender.

Techniques and resources will be illustrated via PowerPoint presentation. While they negotiate their identities across geographical terrains Mean hypothesis testing calculator and the U.