Congress Presses Pharmaceutical Company to Explain Surge in Cost of EpiPen

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The idea that people would risk being without a lifesaving drug due to economic concerns was disturbing to many.

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Pull off the safety cap, put the tip against the thigh, and push. Nine years ago, it was bought by the pharmaceutical company Mylan, which then began to sell the device. People in anaphylaxis need a full dose every time. Few competitors existed, and for various reasons, that has remained the case. The first and most important action Mylan should do is lower the price of the EpiPen. Background Unlike other pharmaceutical structure pricing bands, the EpiPen injector pricing was relative to the mechanical engineering patents contained within its dosing syringe system, rather than the chemistry of its medicine.

With a recent study in revitalizing epipen pricing the jama story on a price hike data analysis released, the. Epinephrine delivered.

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It was introduced by ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, as a means to "analyze actions within a virtue theory framework by asking whether the actions under consideration embody or advance virtues or not" Salazar They may have been courageous for the wrong reasons, but they were dishonest, misguided, and unfair.

Even inhe said, the rebates were kept by insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, and were not seen in lower prices paid by consumers.

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For that, there is the EpiPen. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

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It passed a law that gave funding preferences for asthma treatment grants to states that maintained an emergency supply of EpiPens. If the process was not so terribly expensive and time-consuming, more companies would try to enter this market.

They can make deals with doctors to have them hand out brochures about the benefits of Mylan and the EpiPen.

Awkward Target for Outrage Over EpiPen: A Senator’s Daughter

The second lesson is about the value of free markets and competition. Bresch initially believed that the primary competitive advantages envisioned for the EpiPen were limited to small children who could not administer epinephrine through syringes and to schools which were only protected from legal liability by using the EpiPen or photo homework help approved similar device Koons.

In addition, the brand collapse would generate a multi-billion dollar capital value what does thesis means of resale value of the brand.

Those costs are often moved from the insurer to the consumer eventually, in the form of higher insurance premiums. Drawing the drug into a syringe and then administering it to someone else requires training and precision that most people lack. The patents alone however, did not allow for a market domination, Pfizer had patented a rival product, the Adrenaclick, which was released for exclusive distribution through Wal-Mart in While charging a high price for something very valuable may offend people when the product in question relates to life and death, we are completely unbothered by it for many luxury products.

Sure, they would expire every few months. One possible competitor was approved, but then had to recall their product. Sign up for our newsletter.

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When people think of allergies to drugs, food or a bee sting, they often think of a rash. As much as many people love to imagine that healthcare is exempt from the rules of economics, it is not. Stakeholders such as patients and families were treated unfairly, however that is not a factor in individualism.

The introduction of a generic EpiPen competitor by Israeli firm Teva Pharmaceuticals was also denied by the FDA in further diffusing competitive influences. The company has to issue a formal apology to its customers and promise to think about their well-being in the future.

The EpiPen Episode Teaches Two Economic Lessons

Going forward, the only employee who should be penelized is Heather Bresch. Mylan can set up donations to help regain the trust of their longtime customers after years of scandal and dishonesty. But those are unsatisfactory arguments. Working together around the world to provide 7 billion people access to high quality medicine" mylan.

Aaron E. With multiple companies selling roughly identical options, companies have great difficulty in raising prices because their competitors can gain market share if they do not match a price increase. The Adrenaclick, while still not cheap, is back and less expensive than the EpiPen. Government could even cooperate in assisting companies become approved on the justification that the government buys enough EpiPens itself for government use and through government paid health insurance plans that any costs would be recouped in lower prices paid by the government.

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Mylan raised the price. What's worse, is Mylan knows that the EpiPen themselves expire only after one year, whether they are used or not. It focuses on "ways that respect and honor individuals and their choices. It topic for thesis statement into our inner humanity and evaluates actions based on whether the party in question 1. Kantianism Kantianism is a bit more considerate towards others.

Between the dishonesty and lack of respect, a kantian would strongly affirm Mylan's actions as unethical. By allowing the new entrants to control the price band, the strategy could allow the entrants to more efficiently gain control over the adrenaline injector market, allowing the fewer remaining players to enjoy greater profit margins.

Virtue Theory Virtue theory is the last of the four philosophies and also happens to be the oldest.

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It should not be surprising that people might be willing to pay large sums of money for a device that could save their life or the life of a child. A rational consumer would purchase the cheaper of two options, but Mylan has their consumers backed into a corner only supported by the EpiPen.

They will regain the trust of their consumers and build stonger relationships while remaining profitable. Therefore, it passes the first test. Don't lie, cheat, manipulate or harm others to get your way" Salazar This ideology was first posed by Milton Friedman, the famous economist.

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Even worse, if a family has a few kids that have these life-endangering allergies, they epipen case study price double or triple affected by these price hikes. Case study essay style There is priced at learning of government holds more than the average multiple sclerosis. Over five years, the effects of getting an outpouring of inspector general analysis is going to.

And complaints about those costs have led to loud criticism from politicians. Europe has eight different companies selling similar devices. In addition, epipen case study price make up excused for the price increase, they told Congress during a testimony that the profits were not as high as people speculated.

Economic markets find a value at which the amount of a good or service we want to buy matches the amount of that same product that people want to sell. Time, n. By Aaron E. Justice examines if the company engages in hard work, quality products, good ideas, and fair practices. The Upshot provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life.

More revenue for Topic for thesis statement. Utilitarianism The EpiPen, well known to people who suffer from severe allergies Utilitarianism begins to think a little more ethically by taking into account the happiness of those involved.

Mylan stopped selling individual EpiPens and began to sell only twin-packs. The Mylan product at the forefront of the debate was the EpiPen; an emergency treatment device that assists patients in self-administering adrenaline epinephrine during severe allergic reactions.

These setbacks, all in the last year, have once again left Mylan with a veritable run of the market.