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  2. I received my certification in Critical Care Nursing in
  3. If someone specific referred you, you may also mention them by name.
  4. I have also learned the importance of prioritizing and managing time efficiently.
  5. But putting in a little extra effort will set you apart from the rest of the applicants.
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Understandably, many seemed frightened and confused. I have experience caring for patients with life-threatening physical injuries and infectious diseases.

Describe Your Qualifications

I am an enthusiastic candidate with the skills and attributes necessary to contribute to the patient care at your healthcare facility. InI received my Certification in Emergency Service writing app.

Whatever the issue, putting your thoughts in writing avoids confusion since it provides you and the recipient with a record of your request. Registered Nurse Cover Letter Sample 4: I am writing to express interest in the RN position open at your facility and ask that you please consider me for a position.

Gilman, I am submitting my resume for the positionof emergency room R. With this experience, I have developed strengths in communication, collaboration, and information technology.

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Sign off and proofread the final draft before sending it. Describe Your Qualifications Your letter should introduce your application or resume, not repeat it.

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You may contact me by phone at or by email at [email] Thank you for your time and consideration. I received my certification in Critical Care Nursing in I believe I have the skills, experience and training necessary to benefit your patients and to be an asset to your nursing staff.

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Depending on the content of your letter, provide any documentation that gives the recipient reference to the case or clarifies your concerns. Introduce yourself and briefly explain your intent and reason for the application.

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As you can see from the attached resume, my experience as a certified nursing assistant and unit secretary, along with my variety of clinical experiences, have allowed me to attain a foundation of skills necessary to ease into my career as a Registered Nurse. I welcome the opportunity to thesis statement on identity with you how I might best fulfill the present needs for the Registered Nurse position at your healthcare facility.

Application letters are the perfect tool to demonstrate something of your personality.

  • If there is any additional information you would like me to provide, please feel free to contact me at the information above.
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References 2. I heard about this job through your website and I am very interested in what you have to offer.

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During my time there, I was also able to work in the NICU, where I was able to help parents to bond with their infants. I was praised by clinical instructors for my eagerness to learn and ability to multi-task.

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Select a few key qualifications from the job description and describe how you meet these requirements. Body Paragraphs In the following paragraphs, state what makes you the perfect candidate for this job.

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Plano, Texas Dear Ms. My management accomplishments include increasing nurse retention by 33 percent in two years.

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