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Example of conclusion and discussion in research. Discussion and Conclusion

For example, if the purpose of your research was to measure the impact of foreign aid on increasing access to education among the poor in Bangladesh, it would not be appropriate to speculate about how your findings might apply to populations in other countries without drawing from existing studies to support your claim or if analysis of other countries was not a part of your original research design.

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On the other hand, following the growth of progressive developments is necessary if services and infrastructure are, as they are now, the responsibility of the local government. It is important that everything in this last section is based off of the results of the data analysis.

Using first person can help emphasize a point or illustrate a contrasting finding.

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For similar studies, a first phase in which the housing diversity is identified in the aerial data according to the selected criteria, would allow to reduce the number of detailed survey samples needed, thus considerably reducing the time of data collection.

Finally, experimental research should be conducted to test various strategies for preventing examination malpractice to determine which strategies are most effective.

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This part of the discussion should begin with a description of the unanticipated finding, followed by a brief interpretation as to why you believe it appeared and, if necessary, its possible significance in relation to the overall study. Problems to Avoid Do not waste time restating your results.

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All appendices should be numbered and directly referenced in the relevant text section. Nevertheless, a careful and detailed process of observation of aerial data becomes very time consuming.

If a study that you cited does not support your findings, don't ignore it--clearly explain why your research findings differ from theirs. However, this conclusion was unlikely since the results for the Number Series task were contrary to the original hypothesis.

Do the results confirm or challenge existing theories?

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Think about the overall narrative flow of your paper to determine where best to locate this information. Content The information you put in the discussion should answer the following questions.

  1. If that topic was not precisely assessed by the questionnaire, then you cannot draw a conclusion or make a recommendation about that topic.
  2. Make sure all references cited in the thesis appear in the list of references.
  3. The sequence of this information is important; first state the answer, then the relevant results, then cite the work of others.

How were the instruments inadequate? Azar, Beth.

Sample study - Methodology, Analysis, and Conclusion Chapters

For example, if your sample size was small or limited to a specific group of people, note that this limits its generalizability. In the context of low-income housing, the process of progressive development needs further understanding.

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  • This can be followed by any recommendations for further research.
  • One way to do this is to take every research question and hypothesis in turn and explain in plain terms what the statistical results mean.

Studies in the area were reduced to the period of improvement up to the time when the dwelling was physically consolidated. For example, almost every single paper written in Nigeria that I read recommends that the government should provide more teaching materials and increase the salaries of teachers.

Regardless of where it's mentioned, a good discussion section includes analysis of any unexpected findings. Those who occupied bigger ranchos built bigger dwellings by themselves. Make Suggestions for Further Research You may choose to conclude the discussion section by making suggestions for further research [this can be done in the overall conclusion of your paper].

How to Write a Discussion Section | Checklist and Examples

This masters degree dissertation be followed by any recommendations for further research. The type of materials and data to include in the appendices will depend on the discipline and type of study, but could be for example.

As progressive developments, dwellings at El Gallo were able to adopt new and diverse roles along their whole process of evolution. This can include re-visiting key sources buy dissertation literature review cited in your literature review section, or, save them to cite later in the discussion section if they are more important to compare with your results instead of being a part of the general literature review of research used to provide context and background information.

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It is difficult to ascertain why ranchos were removed when they could have been kept as part of the dwelling, as in fact did a minority of households 2 cases. In this way you relate your own results to the store of scientific knowledge.

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All explanations must be supported by the results of the data analysis. However, besides basic shelter during the initial stage, ranchos served to the purposes of capital accumulation that eventually allowed households to buy a basic unit according to official standards, or building a bigger, more complete first permanent structure.

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In a short report, your discussion section will also include your conclusion s and you can therefore use other headings such as 'Discussion and Conclusion', or simply 'Conclusion s '. You should write a direct, declarative, and succinct proclamation of the study results, usually in one paragraph.

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