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High street brands must now adapt themselves to these predictions. And why not? This form of conspicuous consumption illustrates the way in which young people define themselves through the possessions they accumulate and then broadcast to strangers.

Garment material production alone poses a catalogue of issues including climate change, adverse effects on water and its cycles, chemical pollution, loss of biodiversity, overuse and misuse of non-renewable resources, waste production, negative impacts on health and damaging social effects on producer communities.

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However with so many factors influencing the sustainability of this lifestyle it is important to ask ourselves, is this the way we want to continue to live our lives? I knew it was inescapable.

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The survey was indicative of consumers changing attitudes to brands ethical standpoints. Not only has a change in media and identity occurred, the way in which we interact with clothing, and in turn fashion, has changed over the past few decades.

Fast fashion- A Dissertation by HANNAH THOMAS - Issuu

An exploratory study of the decision processes of fast versus slow fashion consumers, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 17 2 Due to the increasingly influential factors such as celebrity, music and advertising, as previously mentioned, the younger consumer is the most susceptible to ever changing ideas and continuously changing their look. We need to make deep social and ethical changes to how we view fashion as a vehicle for our individualism to stop it being lost.

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I was one of those tragic British designers. Business plan for bag shop. The Lifetimes Project. He boxed them up on conveyer belts; factory style, making a parody of everything he had accumulated over the years.

Fast fashion- A Dissertation by HANNAH THOMAS - Issuu

Business writing courses. As these have developed it can clearly be seen the importance placed upon image and fashion has grown. Dissertation writer.

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Landy then decided to illustrate this by creating an exhibition of every possession he owned, totalling 7, items. This surely is not a healthy or attractive way of portraying such a creative industry. Also to offer total transparency to consumers about the risks they have been taking with consumers and the environments health, in terms of hazardous chemical usage.

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Slow fashion is the antidote, fashion brands must remove the ideals of fast paced, ever evolving clothing and instead focus their efforts on creating clothing we are proud to wear again and again. Fast fashion, the frequent purchasing of high street fashion, inherently encourages disposability and is a craze that has enveloped our society.

But fashion used to be about being an avant-garde person, about getting into trouble. The ability we have to change is that consumers are willing to alter their behaviour as seen in the case of food.

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An analysis of factors affecting fashion opinion leadership and fashion opinion seeking, Journal of Fashion Fast fashion and consumer behaviour dissertation and Management, 12 3 As Siegle continues to highlight, as consumers we now demand four times the number of clothes than those in The Green Marketing Manifesto.

Consumers will begin to demand that they know exactly what the cost of their fashion entails, both economically and ethically. Homework greece gods.

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Furthermore this disposable lifestyle is creating huge issues in terms of waste and the dangerous chemicals linked to this. This is nonsense.

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This is perhaps to assert their fashion credentials and personal style. Whilst a website like this is available were consumers made aware of the developments in eco fashion they would see that eco does not necessarily mean a compromise on style.

This also begs the question should fashion regain its elitism, with the return of true craftsmanship, quality and detail, and this leads onto how the industry, and indeed our attitude towards it, has changed.

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YouGov, Online B These statistics clearly illustrate our attitudes towards disposable fashion have now become the norm and in order to address the ethical issues around fashion the consumers ideals must be changed. This means we as consumers will, at some point, have to change the way we use fashion. What has this development done to us as a society, how has this changed our behaviour and overall can it be true that our possessions have begun to define us?

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This means we as consumers will, at some point, have to change the way we use fashion. Mullen, as a part of the fast fashion system understandably argues that fast fashion is a good thing.

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Brands have the power to adopt the ideals of slow fashion and good conclusions for presentations more quality, long lasting products. This will allow the buyer to make an informed and ethical decision about whether or not they need, or want to buy that item.

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In turn their consumers pledge to buy only what they need, repair what breaks, reuse what they no longer need and recycle everything else. The industry is lacking a lot on the creative side.

Go to Zara. When considering the question of whether our possessions define us it would seem fast fashion is removing any sense of individualism as our tastes and clothing choices have become homogenised. Consumers simply cannot maintain the idea of clothing being disposable whilst fashion operates the way it does.

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Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox. One where it is normal to consume information greedily and constantly, and therefore are subjected to more influential factors when looking to fashion to create their identity. Medical billing coding essay.

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We find that enhanced design helps to mitigate strategic behavior by offering consumers a product they value more, making them less willing to risk waiting for a clearance sale and possibly experiencing a stockout. Landy then went on to destroy every item.

Our lives are driven by our need to consume. I knew it was inescapable.

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The sheer unsustainability of the production and manufacturing methods implemented cannot be maintained by our planet for an indefinite amount of time. Both collections offer fashion forward alternatives whilst highlighting to consumers the brands sustainable values. Review article scientific.