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  • By no means are they all great films, but they are films about writers, and well worth a look for a different way to view and understand the writing process.
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Through a Glass Darkly : This Ingmar Bergman classic documents 24 hours in the life of a family taking a holiday on the island. The Muse starring Albert Brooks as a Hollywood screenwriter who rather ridiculously enlists the help of a modern day mythical muse Sharon Stone to transform his writing fortunes.

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That line forces Paul to be creative, to really think, in ways he had allowed himself to stop doing out of laziness. Whom do you hire as the director?

You'll have to start from there," she tells him. Ruby Sparks.

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Trust me. Let us what is a introduction and conclusion paragraph. In a Lonely Place : Get a noir vibe in this film about the trials and defeats that sometimes come along with being a writer, with Humphrey Bogart's down-on-his-luck Dixon Steele as the leading man.

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Have you found them helpful? Change them up or switch them around.

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Write a story set in Hollywood around the time when silent films were giving way to talkies. Wonder Boys : This film focuses on professor and writer Grady Tripp who can't seem to get past his writer's block to make anything of note, and progresses as his life, career and writing spin wildly out of control.

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I Capture the Castle : In this movie films about creative writing find not only love, desperation and the decay of a once great family, but also the frustration that comes with not being able to match the success garnered by a first novel.

In it, Woody Allen plays a man who agrees to be the front for a group of writers still trying to work.

  • Deconstructing Harry : Check out this Woody Allen classic to see a depiction of a novelist who's hopelessly self-centered and childish, hurting those around him as he finds himself with writer's block.
  • Capote slowly ingratiates himself to the residents, eventually gaining access to the prison where the defendants are being held.

Film is one of the greatest forms of entertainment. Write a story centered on entertainment technologies of the past. Feet shuffle, chairs creak, and you can hear ice rattling around in plastic cups.

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When he falls for another screenwriter, jealousy, wrath and even murder come into play. I mention the story for two reasons: one jokinglythat when you get really devoted fans, you don't ever want to piss them off.

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By no means are they all great films, but they are films about writers, and well worth a look for a different way to view and understand the writing process. The Shining : This film combines the talents of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King to bring to life the madness and personal creative hell of writer Jack Torrance. Schnabel uses stunning impressionist imagery and poetic language to depict a creative man at his nadir, with only his rich memories and visual mind-scape to call home.