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CV CV stands for curriculum vitae, and this is a different type of resume altogether, with a somewhat different purpose.

  • A Qualifications Summary also has the added benefit of letting you put your best traits and achievements from your work history and educational history right at the top of your resume.
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  • If you are interested in an infographic format, here are some infographic samples to check out.

Creating your first resume can be tough since more often than not you will not have a lot of work experience to list. In regards to styling, your name should be the largest text on the page pt font is a safe range.

Functional Resume Tips and Examples | You should also consider the position, company and industry that you are pursuing.

There are two types of skills you may want to include on your resume: hard skills and soft skills. Include your contact information.

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For each skill, come up with bullet points that help provide evidence of your abilities. Writing a cover letter can be a helpful supplement to a functional resume, giving employers a chance to understand your qualifications and the skills that make you a strong choice for the position.

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Pick a random one and effortlessly customize it or switch to another. This resume format works best for: While suitable across industries, professionals in creative fields, such as advertising, journalism, or the arts do especially well with the Pacific resume format thanks to its subtle touch of artistry.

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If you are changing careers or industries or have gaps in your work experience, a functional resume may be right for you. D Relevant Skills — Functional resumes are great for anyone who hopes to highlight their skills over experience.

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  • The creative resume format uses an artistic layout, offering job seekers the chance to stand out in industries that will appreciate this.
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This section should be larger. Oana Vintila Career Counselor For over 10 years now, I've been on both sides of the fence, career counseling, and recruitment, and let me tell you, the writer's block hits hard when it comes to drafting your resume.

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Opening your resume with a concise summary is optional but it can be a nice addition to a functional resume because it gives employers more context about you. Doubts about what fits you best? Whitespace Resume Format Reasons to love this resume format: A fresh resume embraces white space! Include 4—5 examples within these groupings of your most relevant experiences or achievements within these groupings.

What is a Functional Resume?

  1. The bullet points and the use of spare black and white copy in the work history section organize your skills and past roles, making them easy to scan.

It allows users to incorporate a variety of experiences into a single document. List your education. Professionals in creative fields, like advertising and UX design, especially love this resume format.

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Aim to include at least one quantified bullet point for each skill and you will be sure to catch the attention of the hiring manager. Pros and Cons of Different Resume Formats 1 Reverse Chronological Resume Format Pros Shows a clear career progression and highlights relevant experiences Familiar format to recruiters, making it easy for them to read Suited to applicant tracking software ATS that automatically extracts employment history Cons Accentuates any employment gaps you might have Less creative Requires a sufficient level of relevant work experience Conclusion: The reverse chronological resume format is a classic.

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The best resume format for you depends upon your work history and your career goals. Functional resume template and examples While many resumes are written in reverse-chronological order from most recent to olderthis is only one way to present your skills and experiences.