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Any website owners who have content about movies could use a film buff to write some reviews for their blog. Sign up for my 1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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Look up films that are considered classics and watch them. So, there are many people actively writing reviews, along with a large audience that wants to read them. There are lots of popular blogs and websites out there that seek movie reviewers. You can of course monetize the blog by selling ad space, or as I mentioned earlier, use affiliate links from Amazon or CJ.

A side gig could also give you more cash to pay for a nice vacation or some much-needed furniture for your home. Rate of pay not mentioned. The same exact method can be used for movie reviews.

Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews

You may get other small jobs at a newspaper which will help you develop your writing skills. ScreenRant usually requires that you commit to doing a certain number of articles per month, so it can buy custom essays cheap college steady work.

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We are on the lookout for passionate film writers to come into our nest sick of all these bird metaphors yet? Whatever method you choose, writing movie reviews is a fun way to make more money. You can also check out FreelanceWritingGigs.

There are some basic tools and techniques you will need to learn.


You can make cash by selling space on your website for advertisements. A single site may even have multiple reviews for the same movie.

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Earn Affiliate Commissions With Your Reviews One of the most common approaches to creating revenue from a website is by converting your visitors into sales. Let me know in the comments below!

  • Many of the sites will also let you place self-serving links in your content.
  • You can get money for writing reviews about video games, comic books, and movies at AnimationArena.
  • 5 Sites That Will Pay You to Write About TV & Movies

It's completely work at home with a flexible schedule, although they do have strict deadlines. We started out purely to publish prose and provide feedback to new writers, but we have spread our wings pretty far in the time since.

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If you already love movies, writing about them is the next natural step. I've done a lot of research to find a list of 5 different sites that are regularly on the lookout for people to create content based around TV shows and movies.

  1. The job descriptions never list the rate of pay, unfortunately.
  2. Top 5 Simple Ways to Learn How to Get Paid to Review Movies
  3. Pin shares If you are a gifted writer who's also fairly knowledgeable on TV and movies, then you will love today's post!

Instead, you typically earn money as a result of the views your content gets. The opportunity is open worldwide. Once those are published and you get more visitors to your website, you can start developing a revenue stream for your blog. There are plenty of sites that let you publish your work.


Blog Don't wait for anyone's permission to start reviewing films -- start doing it on your own. We know how difficult it can be to make an imprint with your writing on the big, bad world wide web, which is why we were established — to help you find an audience. Earn Everything… nearly!

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Not sure what you'd write about? You could find more places that are looking to hire blog writers. To get started, you have to find the sites, which is where things start to get challenging.

5 Sites That Will Pay You to Write About TV & Movies

A six-figure income is not outside the realm of possibility when you're running your own business. The site is also less well-known. While these writing jobs usually run the entire gamut of subject matter, there are certainly projects out there where folk are looking for movie review writers.

How to Get Paid to Review Movies There are multiple ways to earn some cash for reviewing films such as through online websites and blogs. That aspect means that traffic is relatively low, which get paid to write movie reviews how much you can english literature dissertation. Though it is primarily meant for reviewing products, you may also review movies already available on DVD.

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Learn how to create your own blog-style website and make money through advertising. Everyone needs to know if the movie they want to buy will be worth their time. One tool called SquidFlix can be used through the site to review movies. You might have an edge on smaller websites, where less content is created.

How to Get Paid to Do Movie Reviews | Career Trend

This is similar to the way blogging works. Often, the people offering work are trying to outsource content creation for their own sites.

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A bachelor's degree in one of these areas increases your chances of landing a paying gig, whether full-time or freelance. Take a look below to learn how you can become a movie critic.

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They consider freelance submissions that, if accepted, will be either published in their print magazine or online. Nevertheless, if you can some good clients, being a freelance movie review writer could make sense.

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Choosing unusual movies is one way to do that, finding a unique voice is another. After all, there are hundreds hausarbeit schnell schreiben kursiv sites that host movie reviews, many of which are popular.

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You will need to reach out to the sellers of the DVDs to see if they would want to work with you and give you a commission for reviewing the films. Once your review is published, other users and readers can leave comments on your work and let you know what they think. A foot in the door always is a good step. They publish a lot of short form content daily on current TV news, and are regularly looking for contributors who have extensive knowledge in a lot of current TV shows.

Do you have any favorite movie review english editor for thesis that pay for reviews? This is the most usual approach used for book reviews, wherein most of the review articles are linked to an Amazon affiliate link, enabling the writer to get commission on books sold.

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Rest of it all is done by Squidoo, which automatically generates a theses and dissertations unisa specifically for your review. But, if you can find a way to be different, then you increase your chances of making money.

If you write positive reviews, your readers can click on the links and buy the DVDs.

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And, why not? Takeaway I personally think the best way to build a long-term business as a movie critic is to start your own movie reviewing blog. Another of my favorite affiliate organizations is Commission Junction which Ted touched on briefly in his article on the best alternatives to Adsense advertising.

Write For Us and Get Paid

Over time, you can be promoted and gain work as a film critic. Write Movie Reviews For Royalties One of the most common methods to earn money on the Internet is by writing pieces and then collecting royalty on the traffic every month.

One example is the site Animation Arenawhich wants reviews that are at least words long and has a focus on animated movies. On Your Own Site One final alternative is to review movies on your own site.