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Proposals that are specifically tailored to our identified needs are greatly appreciated and preferable. This is usually done by putting requirements into the document that favor the fair-haired bidder.

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As to travel costs, should we estimate one onsite visit for each grantee? Our proposal consisted of 2 very detailed volumes and a construction schedule which Christopher prepared.

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If you require a financial hardship waiver, however, please contact Rebecca Weir, We all appreciate that you folks jumped in and bailed us out on short notice and our local operations and admin streamed the input to put together a coherent package. LSC has total grantees providing legal aid to low-income Americans in every US state and territory.

You may only upload one document. The boot camp is open to faculty who are expected to conduct externally funded research.

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The pricing section requires us to submit travel costs for the 11 on site reviews. Obviously, we anticipate that there will be regular coordination and communication with the consultant and LSC staff. Their approach has consistently reduced the time and effort needed to win projects, and their processes and technology significantly reduce the burden on our engineers and construction management personnel during the proposal process.

Is the funding formula based on need?

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Letter of Intent not required : May 31, Application: July 5, Eligible States: AK Missouri 21st Century Community Learning Centers These Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education grants provide a wide range of high-quality student and community enrichment opportunities that complement regular school-time learning when school is not in session.

LSC is still finalizing its visit schedule. Does the requested services of this RFP require auditing work? Breakfast is available at a. Does LSC currently do site visits of these grantees and, if so, is there a schedule for the next two years? They often operate multiple office locations across their service areas. The grantees will be using standardized forms. A revision is optional. How about from a financial perspective or even a contractual, paperwork or performance perspective?

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Can you please provide a list of vendors doctoral student research grants comparable services supporting other grant programs at LSC? Can we hand deliver versus mail? Since becoming involved, Ben has provided exceptional clarity, guidance, and leadership throughout this process.

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When and where is it? Does this create a conflict of interest?

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This is the first time that LSC has sought the services of a consultant to help supplement its internal grant administration, oversight, and evaluation capacity. The name of the successful vendor on the grant management mapping project is irrelevant to this opportunity, but since it is public information, LSC selected GrantBook, a business process mapping consulting company, for that engagement.

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Yes, it includes cover pages, table of contents, and proposal letter this is not required. There will be a need to regularly monitor grantees, check-in with LSC staff, write updates and reports, and travel to and conduct site visits over a two-year period. After review, the successful consultant and LSC staff will have a closeout phone call with the grantee and complete the administrative closeout of the grant.

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All reports and payments will be on the same schedule. Usually, the public official knows a certain consultant and thinks the local firm can get it done and makes sure that the local boys get the gig. LSC staff is ultimately responsible for the oversight of all disaster grants.

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Are there any specific key personnel that must be included in proposals? Do you have an estimate level of effort you can share?

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The grant funds were awarded through a competitive grant process. Link in RFP document — need locations for grantees to estimate travel cost for on-site reviews. Please suggest grant management technologies and other solutions that you believe would most effectively and efficiently enable you to perform the requested services.

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How many of the grantees will require site visits? Primavera GDI Consulting uses Primavera P6 Professional Project Management software now part of Oracle which is the recognized standard for high-performance project management software. You were extremely thorough in your work and very committed to helping us meet our noon deadline today.

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The RFP references that LSC is responsible for oversight of its grantees, conducting audits and on-site evaluations of grantee quality and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.