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  • Some of them are the jobs of air traffic controllers and surgeons whose decisions always matter for lives.
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We in this world run after money, sometimes forgetting our passion and will. However, some people are not concerned with the size of their pay packet: they simply enjoy their job and choose to do it whether they earn a high salary or not. Many workers are motivated by money: if the job pays well, they are willing to do it. You have to find the stability and balance between these two, because at the end of the day we owe it to ourselves to be happy.

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Likewise, you need to write the second body para with the second reason and support creative writing visuals with a specific example. They will perform their job on their own and with utmost interest and concentration.

It was their love for the job that ultimately helped them. So finally the topic of money vs happiness is a complicated one as money alone cannot provide you happiness and we cannot leave money paperless statements amex without money life becomes miserable. That makes a big difference.

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I have been in a situation where I was studying medicine for three years and was in it because I wanted the social status and the money it abstract introduction literature review bring me. It is very likely that such jobs will bring untimely assignments, with tight deadlines and merciless work pressure.

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Whereas on the other hand millennials are the type of people who focus more on happiness and job satisfaction. But, it is better than following the crowd.

Most of such jobs buy your will and you are bound to say yes to such work pressure as you might be scared of the consequences of attrition from such a pay.

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Increase in Working Hours: A high pay along with it brings demand from higher working hours. Even if the job pays very well, he would still want to continue as a musician. In brief, people suppose a job is good or bad mainly basing on their personal interest and how much they can earn from it.

Most people in the world need to work in order to lead a decent life or even just to survive. Order now A job that is with high payment and brings the happiness, passion to workers are the factors which are appreciated the most by most of people. In my view,I believe that job satisfaction is the most important factor in a job.

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It would be unfair for students to pay these high tuitions and receive low pay, this would be plain robbery. And when you are employed by somebody you are bound to follow the instructions and complete the task within a stipulated time span which obstructs you to spend time with your family.

For examples: you can buy a beautiful house, a luxury car or expensive furniture for your house and so on by money you earn from your job. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. From Ms Brenda Mascarenhas Adventure travel curator living in Dubai If you can afford to, follow your passion A high salary is part of job satisfaction, too.

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But, if you are struggling to make ends meet, have family commitments or not enough to eat, then of course you take the job that you get and continue working. Some others are satisfied with even a low payment if the job satisfaction is great.

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In short, the low-pay job will deprive me of many things that money could buy. This would lead to a rise in the GDP. By contrast, people who choose a particular job just because it is paying well will find it rather difficult to stay motivated. Take, for instance, the case of IT professionals. Sometimes such high paid jobs does not bear any working hours mentioned as such, which easily gives the opportunity to the company to engage their employees to work beyond time or extra time mostly.

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Once engaged in such high paid assignments one would have to forget vacations, occasions and all which in turn will turn a human into a machine thus cutting all bonds of relations, destroying family peace and harmony. For example, a musician would not be happy doing a managerial job in a bank because he has no passion for that.

Moreover, when this salary is high it gives a great motivation to the one who is drawing it after a laborious work and hard study. Late starting of Career: To get a high paid job one has to qualify oneself to that mark by completing several courses, cracking various competitive examinations.

High Paying Job vs Happiness: In other words, this simply means money vs happiness.

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Finally, in the high-paying job, you will obtain more opportunities to bringing the child up with better utilities and sending them to non-profit school. Thanks a lot! To become a doctor or an engineer is very costly and it always needs to be kept in mind that the job is worth the study.

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One can hardly find rest though being at home comfort. There occurs a compromise between merit and money also. Increase in work pressure: A high paid job is directly proportional to higher work pressure. They have to push themselves to work every morning. Others prefer jobs they find satisfying even if the salary is low.

A high salary or job satisfaction?

I do, and so I am pursuing what makes me happy. So here, you are supporting the job that is enjoyable. Choice for options gets restricted: An alluring salary and perks are always responsible for blocking career options and choices. When your company pays you well you are bound to abide by what they say and direct you.

Compromise towards dream job: Lektorat online lolo people go for a wrong job just in the lust of a higher salary.

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Working makes you sometimes feel tired, depressed and exhausted thus you will suffer from stress and pressure which surely has bad effects on the outcome of your work, on the happiness of your family or even on your healh.

In the introduction, you need to introduce the topic to the reader and then state your opinion very clearly. A good job with a high income brings the workers many benefits.