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Hypothesis on growing crystals, each day...

Since I couldn't cover the stirred jar, I left all four jars uncovered during the experiment. Did what you changed independent variable cause changes in the results dependent variable? Locate the nearest sink or fire extinguisher as a safety precaution.

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Research Do research online and at the library to try and predict the answer to your question. Sprinkle a little alum in the water and stir it with one of the stirrers until it dissolves completely. Determine how to dispose of materials. Wait days as sugar crystals form around the stick. What steps can you take to maximize crystal size?

The last one I spun a gear around with a motor. They can also experiment to see how different materials sugar, salt and alum make different kinds of crystals, as well as use different foundation pieces yarn, pipe cleaners, bamboo skewers to see how they affect how the crystals grow.

You will usually heat water or another liquid to dissolve a solid to grow your crystals.

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Supersaturated Solutions No matter what material you choose, your water must be supersaturated with it for crystals to grow. Therefore, the experiment did not show that my hypothesis was supported or not. The independent variable is the one variable the investigator chooses to change.

The crystals form because the supersaturated solution is able to hold less dissolved sugar as it cools. If you are up for a challenge, you can make predictions about the shapes of crystals before you grow them, based on their molecular structures and molecular geometry.

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Crystal growth also requires light. Make a Crystal Suncatcher with the leftover water! Do this free science cbu creative writing project and watch the formation of icicles occur right before your eyes. Science Wizardry for Kids, p. Does the size of the object make a difference english and creative writing unisa the way the crystals form?

Warning is hereby given that not all Project Ideas are appropriate for all individuals or in all circumstances.

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The type of project depends on your educational level. For example, after investigating the effectiveness of different stain removers, a student might conclude that what is a conclusion in science example is just as effective at removing stains as are some commercial stain removers. Crystals need something to grow on and one little impurity in the water like grain of sand will should help ensure they have a place to nucleate.

Pour the sugar water in the glass. When setting up the investigation, consider Background research can be gathered first hand from primary sources such as interviews with a teacher, scientist at a local university, or other person with specialized knowledge.

Experiments For some science fair projects, simply demonstrating crystal growth may be adequate, but for others you may need to carry out some sort of experiment. Can you figure out why?

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What is happening in this project: In our overnights crystals hypothesis on growing crystals first mix up a super saturated batch of salt water. Carrying out the investigation involves data collection. You can affect parameters such as vibration, humidity, temperature, the rate of evaporation, purity of your growth medium, and time allowed for crystal growth. Add and mix drops of yellow, red, and blue food coloring in three separate glasses.

Type of cloth, physical process of stain removal Data Collected dependent variable Stain fading over time for combinations of detergents and stains Step B — List Materials Make a list of materials that will be used in the investigation. Common crystals include salt, sugar, snowflakes, and quartz.

May involve the use of a scale such essay on what can i do to improve my country in the example below. Example hypothesis: Crystals will form faster in solutions containing more sugar.

The accuracy of a hypothesis is NOT what constitutes a successful science fair investigation. Cover letter of a kindergarten teacher example, can you think of a way to keep crystals from forming in ice cream? Application of the Results: Students may want to include an application as part of their conclusion.

Crystals and Crystal Growing.

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What other crystals can you find? Make a Collection Younger investigators may want to make a collection of crystals and work out their own method for grouping the crystals into categories. Updated January 26, Crystals can make interesting and fun science fair projects.

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Notice whether they form crystals at different rates or about the same rate. After the crystals stop growing, you can take them out of their solutions to dry and display them! However the greatest increase was from day three to day four in the blue solution and the control.

Draw Conclusions After analyzing the data, the next step is to draw conclusions.

Each day each solution had more crystals.

Materials dissolve faster in warm water, so it works better than cold, since the molecules move more in warm water. Hypothesis After gathering background research, the next step is to formulate a hypothesis.

First make a supersaturated solution of sugar water, adding sugar to boiling water a little at a time until the sugar no longer dissolves.

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Repeat steps with the salt and then the sugar, using a fresh stirrer each time and labeling each solution as appropriate. Reading and following the safety precautions of all materials used in a project is the sole responsibility of each individual. After one more day, I noticed that the jar that the motor was stirring was still moving but the gear was now above the crystal fluid.

I left a few in the fridge for a over a week and the results got even better! They also explain how the student used science process to develop an accurate answer. Let them grow even longer in the fridge.

Documentation Making a rough sketch or recording notes of the investigation set up is helpful if the experiment is to be repeated in the future. Stir for annotated bibliography reference creator least one to two minutes!

Recording data on a table or chart makes it much easier to observe relationships and trends. I had some gorgeous crystals form in the fridge over the course of a week or so and I took them out and left them on the counter in the water. Join over 22, parents and educators who want connect with kids and nurture their creative process through magical, easy projects you can do TOGETHER.

Are there any steps missing?

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You test this hypothesis by having two solutions, one containing more dissolved sugar than the other. DO NOT let them sit in water at room temperature. Or use secondary sources such as books, magazines, journals, newspapers, online documents, or literature from non-profit organizations. Place the glasses in a place where they will not be touched or disturbed for several days.

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My daughter was done stirring within a few seconds but you really need to get that water super saturated with salt to make the crystals grow. Often a large crystal is used to grow smaller crystals, this is a seed essay on what can i do to improve my country.

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Make a Model You can build models of crystal lattices.