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Introductory letter to parents from new headteacher. Belmont C of E (Controlled) Primary School - Contact Us

I am sure some parents are understandably nervous about the changes in personnel and the impact this will have on standards at Albany Juniors.

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Draper our Assistant Head Teacher, our governing body and staff. I am passionate about teaching and have high expectations, not only for myself but for all members of our school community. As your new Head Teacher, my aim is to improve the education and well-being of your children.

Letter to Parents from John McKee, Headteacher – Patcham High School

The staff and I will be spending the next few weeks making sure all the children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them. However, I do have concerns regarding the performance of Key Stage 2 children. I consider it a privilege to have been appointed by the governing body; I am delighted to be in post and I am very much looking forward to the challenge ahead.

Refreshments will be served and I welcome the opportunity to meet you all in person.

Please be reassured that nothing will change in terms of the routines for your child. I have several ideas for how we can ensure our school further improves but contrary to any rumours I will not be introducing a new uniform! They will achieve well if they are clear about what is expected of them and the steps they need to get there. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing from you about the ways we can do this.

As I am certain you are all aware, Marshfield has some real strengths. It is the aim of the whole school team to help each child become a successful learner and well-rounded individual who is ready to make the next steps in their learning journey.

The vast, vast majority of students at Northfield behave impeccably, however, there are a tiny minority who persist in disrupting the learning of others, fail to follow polite and reasonable requests from staff and show physical aggression towards their peers - under no circumstances will this be tolerated. These values will have a huge impact as your child develops.

New Headteacher Announcement Letter | Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School

Your support as parents and carers is of the upmost importance and I hope our partnership will be productive. The staff and I will be spending the next few weeks making sure all the children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them.

My aim is to give our students a first class education - it is no more than the families within our community deserve; the difference we can make to young people in Billingham is hugely motivating. Northfield really is a great place to teach and learn. It gives me great pleasure to write to you as the new Headteacher of Marshfield Primary School and to welcome you to examples on thesis statements I am sure will be a very busy and exciting year ahead.

cover letter for career opportunity introductory letter to parents from new headteacher

I strongly believe that school is the opportunity for children to discover and unlock hidden talents in a fun and nurturing environment. I am keen to meet parents and carers, to give you the opportunity to say hello and also ask any questions you may have. The skills and experiences I have acquired working in challenging schools have provided my most valuable and rewarding teaching experiences.

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  2. I now relish the opportunity of working with our highly inclusive and aspirational school community to ensure John of Gaunt continues to move from strength to strength.

Working together, we can ensure that your child enjoys their time at school and makes good progress. If there are unavoidable reasons why your child cannot wear the correct uniform please provide them with a note explaining the reasons for this.

I am now thrilled to have the opportunity of leading this wonderful school and building on its success. This includes a full set of stationery, PE kit, a reading book, their school journal and an appropriate school bag large enough to carry everything needed for school.

To begin with, there will be a meeting for parents and carers on Monday 11th September at pm.

Letter from New Headteacher Paul Mason | Southill School

The first will be held on Friday 15th February9. Students will still be able to use their mobile phones outside the school building during break and lunchtimes. I have made my expectations did you do your homework already clear to all students and, in time, will be making some changes to policies and procedures to support our students in getting the basics right - attending every day and on time, wearing the correct uniform, being ready to learn and behaving well.

Building positive relationships with parents and carers is key and I am always happy to talk through issues.

New headteachers' letters to parents | The Key for School Leaders

I will be holding a coffee morning on Wednesday 30th September in the main hall at a. I thoroughly enjoy working at Patcham and I have an unshakable belief in all our students. Please indicate on the slip below whether you intend to attend the meeting.

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There will be a short presentation followed by tea and coffee and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have of my senior leaders and me. So, next term we are introducing some changes that we believe will make a significant impact on our school culture.

I strongly believe that school is the opportunity for children to discover and unlock hidden talents in a fun and nurturing environment.

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to cover letter for maintenance technician over the leadership of this school. I hope you will support our high expectations in all areas, especially in attendance and behaviour which naturally impacts greatly on achievement. From my initial tour of the school in March and then during my subsequent interview and visits, I have been really impressed by the well-mannered, articulate students, dedicated staff and hugely supportive community.

I, along with senior colleagues, are dealing with students who persist in displaying these negative behaviours swiftly and decisively. The school remains a good school and the expectations of all staff teaching and non-teaching will be as high as they were before.

Introduction letter from Mr Robertson | Albany Junior School

As the leader of the school, my main job is to make sure your child is safe, happy and achieving well whilst they are at school. Looking forward to working closely with you in the future. A Snape Wood education is about developing the whole child and providing opportunities for them to flourish within and beyond the classroom.

introductory letter to parents from new headteacher results and discussion dissertation example

I am sure some parents are understandably nervous about the changes in personnel and the impact this will have on standards at Snape Wood. We will not be allowing facial piercings, 1 small stud in each ear will be the only piercings permitted.

First letter from new Headteacher

Website Menu. For this reason, from September we will not allow the use of mobile phones and portable devices inside the school building. Equipment All students are expected to come to school every day with the equipment they need to be successful.

We have the greatest influence on our young people during the school day, via our curriculum, ethos and core values. There is much to celebrate in this school and I am excited to lead Belmont School into its next stage of development and to ensure that every child has a happy, fulfilling and successful time here.

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Students who refuse to wear or adjust their uniform to our regulations may be sent to the Isolation Room or be sent home. Roberts, our Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs. I would like to thank you personally for your continued commitment and support towards the staff and pupils of this school.

Yours Faithfully, Mrs. With very best wishes. This change will be strictly monitored until the new culture is embedded. That said, I am concerned about some students displaying risk taking behaviour out of school and feel we have a duty, within the school day, to do everything we can to support the community by working with outside agencies in school to help our students modify their behaviour out of school.

Introduction letter from Mr Robertson

Start of the school day To start each day on a positive note we would like all students to enter the building through 2 entrances only. Introductory letter to parents from new headteacher will be coming to you from Swanage Primary School where I have been the headteacher for 6 years. The fact that we are a community school is incredibly important to me and making really positive links with the community we serve is a priority.

I am dedicated to building opportunities for students to achieve the highest academic standards, ensuring that they are known well as individuals and that their unique personality, talents and interests are nurtured and developed to the full.

First letter from new Headteacher | The John of Gaunt School

Mobile phones affect introductory letter to parents from new headteacher they can be a major distraction and can be used to bully and harm others. The main front entrance through our Main Reception and the main back entrance open from am over the Warmdene Road Bridge. I have a long-standing association with Southill School, knowing some of the staff from my previous life as a teacher in Weymouth.

These experts are your reliable allies in the fight against time.

They achieve as well as or if not better than children in most schools. We are beginning a new journey into a new era for the school and I can assure you that every member of staff has the highest expectations of each student and wants the best for them. The only exception to this will be if a teacher specifically asks for students to use their mobile phone in a lesson for the purposes of learning.

I hope you have an enjoyable summer and I look forward to meeting you in the coming months. All parents and carers are welcome. I have been married for over 30 years and have three children of my own; Rumana 27Sadia 23 and Hasan 18therefore I know how change can affect how children feel about school.

The school we are building together is based upon our three core values of respect, honesty and resilience.

introductory letter to parents from new headteacher my algebra homework solver

These meetings will take place at different times, which I hope will enable most families to attend. By admin on 18 July in School News I know that a new Headteacher is a big change for a school, so I wanted to write to you before the end of the summer term to say hello and introduce myself.

I am keen to meet parents and carers, to give you the opportunity to say hello and also ask any questions you may have.