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Iu graduate school dissertation. Distinguished Thesis Award

General Requirements for Advanced Degrees

Select the iu graduate school dissertation labeled Set. At this stage both the student and the faculty members must extend certain courtesies to each other.

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Page Numbers Page numbers must be clear, consecutive, and printed on every page, including appendixes, tables, figures, maps, charts photographs, etc. The indent is defaulted to 0.

Examination no cr.

Dissertation : Academic Bulletin

Landscape pages: Layout, margins and page numbers should be in the correct direction. So I went to a school in India that had a television production focus and that was a launching point for me to realize that I was better at that than what I had been doing kosten systemischer coach my undergrad, which was molecular biology—a complete switch.

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Students selected for this award were nominated by a faculty member from within their department, and selected by the GPSO and UGS for excellence in their graduate studies at Indiana University. Script fonts e. Long quotations within the text should be typed single-spaced with wider margins.

Graduate Studies and Research - Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Working in the Standard Lab, George studied the formation of donor-acceptor complexes between Oxygen-containing donors and Sulfur-containing acceptors using density functional theory to aid the development of new sulfur dioxide removing technologies from flue gas. These reading lists must include works in both the language of specialization and the research languages. These margin requirements apply to all materials included in the dissertation, including figures, tables, maps, plates, etc.

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  • Formatting: Theses & Dissertations: IUPUI Graduate Office: IUPUI
  • Color must be black.

Be sure to write application letter for employment as a teacher the conventions of your department or discipline. The unbound copy will be submitted to ProQuest where the abstract will be published and the dissertation microfilmed for storage in their database.

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Completion of one of the two Research Language requirements is a prerequisite for admission to the Ph. If the membership of yoru committee or the title of your dissertation changes, you will have to submit a Change of Resarch Committee eDoc.

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This format depends largely on your particular field or topic. The third is a case study on the holocaust. If submitting a bound copy to the University Graduate School to fulfill the embargo requirement, you should arrange for the bindery to send the finished book directly to the University Graduate School: Indiana University Graduate School.

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Figure or figure, Fig. Two failures in the written examination result in withdrawal of permission for the student to work toward a degree in the Department.

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Research Language II no cr. By the final deadline for the month in which you wish your degree to be conferred, you must submit an invoice to the University Graduate School showing the binding has been ordered and paid for with the book to be delivered directly to the UGS office. Ask the bindery to put the dissertation title and your full name on the front cover and the title plus your last name on the spines of the bound copies.

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The minor department or program determines which courses satisfy this requirement. D Dissertation The student must submit a dissertation to his or her Ph. Track your announcement to ensure timely approval. Of R or additional elective courses …… While the eDoc requires only a page prospectus, your Research Committee usually will require a longer, more detailed, proposal.

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  • Formatting: Theses & Dissertations: The University Graduate School: Indiana University Bloomington
  • All content of your dissertation must be complete at this point as only formatting changes are permitted after your initial submission.
  • Select OK.

Single line of text at the bottom or top of page. Ordinarily, page numbers should be centered at the top or bottom of the page, entered midway between the edge of paper and the text to prevent their loss during the binding process.

Left margin should be one inch if the dissertation will be bound in paper form by ProQuest.

  1. Many Indiana University departments now allow electronic submission of the dissertation.
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Begin the actual numbering with the acceptance page as page ii, and continue with lowercase Roman numerals until the start of the actual body of the dissertation. At the end of the oral examination, the research committee must vote on the outcome of the examination.

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Place the page number immediately beside the last dot. If not, at the top of your screen, on the Home tab, is the box Paragraph. Committee members approve the electronic Nomination of Research Committee form.