Basic requirements:

Letter to apply visa for my family. Letter To Apply Visa For My Family

The invitation letter will be addressed to your parents and state that you are inviting them to visit you in the United States.

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If you have booked accommodation for your family you should provide confirmation of this, for example hotel or guest house reservations. This is a recommendation, although it is not required. Submit All Documents This part means you are towards the end!

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Your family members should make sure their passports get stamped during the border crossing. Having the scanned copy is the best way to assure everything gets done correctly so that you do not waste time on a void application because of the misinformation you inputted. Some documents from your parents to support this may include: Notarized documents of all their property Parents bank statements Pension and employment benefit letters Fixed deposits, or any financial related documents.

For now, we will start with the supporting documents needed for their visa application and work our way to the final visa stamping. Then, depending on how long it takes your bank, you will receive a letter stating the date the account was opened and the average running balance that has been in the account since it was open.

Usually, the introduction for engineering dissertation applicant will have to submit a letter of invitation for a B2 visa application which is a US Tourist Visa.

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  2. Inviting your family to visit you in Canada If a family member such as a parent requires a Temporary Resident Visa TRV and wants to come visit you in Canada temporarily — for example, to attend your graduation ceremony — you can provide documents to assist them with their TRV application.
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  4. The Consulate General cannot guarantee a finalized visa process at a certain date and bears no responsibilities in this regard.
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They must be in either English or German. If your parents are from India, without outsourcing to TCS, could land you in 3- to 6-month wait time to get your passport. If you would like your family member s to stay with you in your Halls of Residence, you will need to check with your Warden. Other relatives of a foreigner residing in Germany Other family members can also apply to join their relative: if you have siblings in Germany, either brother or sister, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, grandparent, or cousins your can apply to join them.

The information needed is an exhaustive list and can take a lot of time to acquire so have this stuff ready in notepads for easy copying and pasting into your form! The following is only a guideline for minimum requirements. In case the parents share the right of care and custody of the child and only one of them resides in Germany, then the third-country resident parent must grant to the German resident the right of custody in order for him or her to be able to apply for a German Family Reunification visa.

Your bank statement should show that you have sufficient funds to support your family member s.

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Flight reservation to be shown upon submission. If wearing a veil, features ears, nose, eyes and forehead must be visible. It is always best to choose the language that your parents can best communicate in so there is no confusion with the visa officer.

The work permit will usually be issued for the same length of time as your study permit. How to apply for a Germany Family Reunion Visa The application process of a Germany visa to join your family members there is similar to the application process for every other German visa. Now, for the logistics of retrieving another bank-related document is the bank verification letter.

Request an Employment Verification Letter From Your Current Employer This is a part of the application process that we cannot gauge how long will take because it depends on your employers time and availability to get all the required information sent to you.

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This can be a frustrating process as you dig up old information required for the appointment of the interview, and because of the interruptions in the session that can consume your time to get it done. Adult Children A parent can apply to bring their adult child over, with the sole condition that the child must not be married. The experienced TravelAssist agents will carefully handle your application and offer the help you need during your B-2 Visa Application.

Photocopy of your passport and visa A copy of your passport identity page and a copy of your current UK visa.

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Some employers request the appointment letter of the interview your parents will have to do to get the visa, depending on their rules and procedures for handling this request. The visa fee is to be paid in cash upon submission of application. If at the time the embassy is receiving a lot of applications, your appointment will be scheduled for later, whereas if the applications received at the time are few, then you will get an appointment within several days.

Once you have all documents in your hands, appoint a meeting at the German embassy or consulate or application center if you find one closer to your home.

Invitation letter for tourist visa

The Immigration Authorities in Germany, who support the reunification of families, have established a special visa for this purpose, which non-EU nationals can apply for to join their family member in Germany.

Some important things to remember is to write the application number down on a piece of paper that comes up on the first screen — you will need it to towards the end of the application to complete it. German Family Reunion Visa to Join a Relative or Partner in Germany Third country nationals legally residing in Germany often wish to bring over their non-German family members who reside outside the European Union, whether to remain there temporarily or permanently.

We know it was a tiring list, but it does include information on absolutely everything you need to know for submitting this kind of application. In addition, the applicant must show that they will use the visa appropriately.

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Normally, family reunion long-term visa category D costs 75,00 Euro for adults and for children up to 18 years 37,50 Euro. Otherwise, the adult child will not be eligible for a Family Reunion Visa.

Sample Letter to US Consulate for Visitors Visa

Applications will only be accepted upon submission of all the required documents. Whether you are going through a big life change you want your parents to be with you for, or you just desire more face-to-face time with your family in person instead of through a screen, you will have to know how to correctly apply for a visa for them.

The options will be listed on the application process and your parents will be directed to the right location depending on their address. Travel documents and residence visa must be valid minimum six months after the return from the Schengen States. The letter should be addressed either to the consular officer or to the guest. If the documents are issued in your language, then you will have to provide each of them attached with an attested and legalized translation.

Home-stay Letter from Friends or Family

Send originals copies of all the documents, especially the employment letter and the bank letter, and then be sure to make copies of all the documents listed above to keep for your records.

Completing the process is not too hard as long as you are proactive and organized in attaining the required documents. Be sure to make copies of these documents. So you might be wondering what the process is in order to apply for a visa for your parents to come to visit you in the United States and we have the answers for you outlined in detail in this document.

Family members most often apply to come initially as visitors.