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  • The statement must contain the names and addresses of the: 1 personal representative; 2 resident agent; and 3 successor resident agent.
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Amended by Acts61st Leg. Upon the return of a citation ordering a personal representative to show cause why he should not give a new bond, the judge shall, on the day named therein for the hearing of the matter, proceed to inquire into the sufficiency of the reasons for requiring a new bond; and, if satisfied that a new bond should be required, he shall enter an order to that effect, stating in such order the amount of such new bond, and the time within which it shall be given, which shall not be later than twenty days from letters of administration with will annexed texas date of such order.

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Failure of a court to issue letters testamentary within the twenty day period prescribed by this Section shall not affect the validity of any letters testamentary which are issued subsequent to such period, in accordance with law. When application is filed for letters of administration and the court finds that there exists no necessity for administration of the estate, the court shall recite in its order refusing the application that no necessity for administration exists.

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Independent administration does not require court oversight and approval. April 30, ; Acts73rd Leg. This means that as a general rule you do not have to pay for the probate attorney.

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When a will has been probated, the court shall, within twenty days thereafter, grant letters testamentary, if permitted by law, to the executor or executors appointed by such will, if any there be, or to such of them as are not disqualified, and are willing to accept the trust and qualify according to law.

In case of a temporary administrator, the bond shall be in such sum as the judge shall direct.

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This includes paying bills, closing bank accounts, locating assets, and giving property to the beneficiaries named in the will. This usually occurs when the decedent was a business owner, or when the estate must bring, or is in the middle of, a lawsuit. Amended by Acts78th Leg.

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April 11, No administration of any estate shall be granted unless there exists a necessity therefor, such necessity to be determined by the court hearing the application. June 12, ; Acts71st Leg.

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The decedent made a mistake when he signed the will. When any person designated as executor in a will or an alleged will, or as administrator with the will or alleged will annexed, defends it or prosecutes any proceeding in good faith, and with just cause, for the purpose of having the will or alleged will admitted to probate, whether successful or not, he shall be allowed out of the estate his necessary expenses and disbursements, including reasonable attorney's fees, in such proceedings.

The court in which the proceedings are pending, upon its own motion, or upon written application of the representative or of any other person interested in the estate may authorize or require additional assets of the estate then on hand or as they accrue during the pendency of the probate proceedings to be deposited or held in safekeeping as provided above.

ESTATES CODE CHAPTER GRANTING ANDISSUANCE OF LETTERS There are many grounds for contesting a will, but all speak to whether a will is valid. Before the judge may consider a bond with personal sureties, each person offered as surety shall execute an affidavit stating the amount of his assets, reachable by creditors, of a value over and above his liabilities, the total of the worth of such sureties to be equal to at least double the amount of the bond, and such affidavit shall be presented to the judge for his consideration and, if approved, shall be attached to and form part of the bond.

The court will will writing service rayleigh a hearing to verify the information and make sure you are able to serve and meet state qualifications which may require that you be mentally competent and not a felon. When a personal representative neglects to perform a required duty or if a personal representative is removed for cause, the personal representative and the sureties on the personal representative's bond are liable for: 1 costs of removal and other additional costs incurred that are not authorized expenditures, as defined by this code; and 2 reasonable attorney's fees incurred in removing the personal representative or in obtaining compliance regarding any statutory duty the personal representative has neglected.

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Amended by Acts64th Leg. No writ of attachment or garnishment shall lie against the deposit, except as to claims of creditors of the estate being administered, or persons interested therein, including distributees and wards, and then only in the event distribution has been ordered by the court, and to the extent only of such distribution as shall have been ordered.

The legal definition of a letter of testamentary is a legal document issued by a probate court that gives an executor the power to act in a fiduciary manner on behalf of the estate.

The penalty of the bond shall be fixed by the judge, in an amount deemed sufficient to protect the estate and its creditors, as hereinafter provided.

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Except when bond is not required under the provisions of this Code, before the issuance of letters testamentary or of administration, the recipient of letters shall enter into bond conditioned as required by law, payable to the county judge or probate judge of the county in which the probate proceedings are pending and to his successors in office.