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An exception to this rule is if you select an unconventional methodological approach; if this is the case, be sure to explain why this approach was chosen and how it enhances the overall process of discovery. Conclusion The conclusion reiterates the importance or significance of your proposal and provides a brief summary of the entire study.

Regardless of whether you are applying for the MJur, MPhil or PhD programmes, your research proposal should normally include the following information: 1. The proposal should have sufficient information to convince your readers that you have an important research idea, that you have a good grasp of the relevant literature and the major issues, and that your methodology is sound.

Baylor University; Wong, Paul T.

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The interpretative group of methods is focused on understanding phenomenon in a comprehensive, holistic way. Office of Library Information Services. Part 1, Method of research proposal writing 3.

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Be specific about the methodological approaches you plan to undertake to obtain information, the techniques you would use to analyze the data, and the tests of external validity to which you commit yourself [i. Background and Significance This section can be melded into your introduction or you can create a separate section to help with the organization and narrative flow of your proposal.

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The quality of your research proposal depends not only on the quality of your proposed project, but also on the quality of your proposal writing. For example, if you are using a multiple choice questionnaire, readers need to know that it offered your respondents a reasonable range of answers to choose from.

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If necessary, provide definitions of key concepts or terms. Why is the topic important? However, there are very few universally accepted guidelines for preparation of a good quality research proposal.

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Even today, many of the proposals at post-graduate evaluation committees and application proposals for funding are substandard. What suggestions for subsequent research could arise from the potential outcomes of the study? A search was performed with keywords such as research proposal, funding, qualitative and writing proposals using search engines, namely, PubMed, Google Scholar and Scopus.

The author should anticipate and acknowledge any potential barrier and pitfall in carrying out the research design and explain plans to address them, thereby avoiding lacunae due to incomplete data collection.

How to frame the research problem is perhaps the biggest problem in proposal writing.


Applicability Applicability refers to the degree to which law school homework help findings can be applied to different contexts and groups. However, if the same question is placed in the context of a very focused and current research area, its significance will become evident.

What new insights will your research contribute?

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Often titles are stated in terms of a functional relationship, because such titles clearly indicate the independent and dependent variables. What exactly should I plan to do, and can I get it done in the time available?

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Research Context You should explain the broad background against which you will conduct your research. Research schedule In some cases, you might have to include a detailed timeline of the project, explaining exactly good words to use in a creative writing essay you will do at each stage and how long it will take.

If you are analyzing texts, which texts have you chosen, and why? Will you use statistical analysis?

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Show how senior executive cover letter examples research fits in: how will you build on, challenge, or synthesize the work of others? The research design or methodology section should describe the overall approach and practical steps you will take to answer your research questions.

Nigel Gilbert, ed.

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The methodology section of a research paper answers two main questions: How was the data collected or generated? If the research problem is framed in the context of a general, rambling literature review, then the research question may appear trivial and uninteresting.

If other data sources exist, explain why the data you chose is most appropriate to addressing the research problem. Why are these the best methods to answer your research questions? No method is perfect so you need to describe where you believe challenges may exist in best cover letter for upwork proposal data or accessing information. Unnecessary Explanation of Basic Procedures Remember that you are not writing a how-to guide about a particular method.

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Regardless of your research area and the methodology you choose, all research proposals must address the following questions: What you plan to accomplish, why you want to do it and how you are going to do it. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Discussion: It is important to convince your reader of the potential impact of your proposed research.

In most cases, there are a variety of different methods you can choose to investigate a research problem.

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Are you going to take a special approach, such as action research, or a more neutral stance? The description of the project's methodology complements a list of sources in that it sets forth the organization and interpretation of information emanating from those sources. Implications and contribution to knowledge To finish your proposal on a strong note, you can explore the potential implications of the research for theory or practice, and emphasize again what you aim to contribute to existing knowledge on the topic.

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You will be able to revise your title during the course of your research if you are accepted for admission. The Lab Report.

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Title: It should be concise and descriptive. Purdue University; Writing a Research Proposal.


The description of how you prepared to study the research problem, how you gathered the data, and the protocol for analyzing the data should be organized chronologically. Significance of Research The proposal should demonstrate the originality of your intended research.

The purpose of this section is to argue how and in what ways you believe your research will refine, revise, or extend existing knowledge in the subject area under investigation.

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The perfect place for your postgraduate study. To put it bluntly, one's research is only as a good as one's proposal. The proposal should follow a discernible logic from the introduction to presentation of the appendices.