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My thesis in 180s. My Thesis in seconds: Centrale Nantes PhD student in the inter-regional final - Centrale Nantes

I introduced the gravity of the situation with short punchy statements.

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Why should people care? First of all, let us look at the activities.

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But activities offered to members are only the visible part of the iceberg. All you need is the confidence to do so. The international francophone final during fall A prestigious jury will then decide between the national winners from the various countries participating in the My Thesis in Seconds competition.

I wanted it to be personal. Do not hesitate to contact your officers for all matters relating to records of the Association, or just to get involved!

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Only one slide is allowed. In wireless communication, precise timing is key to minimize energy consumption, which is a major challenge for the future of connected objects.

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We dream of simpler and happier lives. But some scientists who share those same goals argue that 3MT is not the best way to achieve them, largely because it offers little training for researchers who are not natural communicators. Students have to talk about what their research is and why it is important in plain language, for three minutes, with only a single PowerPoint slide.

Some of you may be nodding right now but there was no way that description was going to suffice in this competition.

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Throughout the courses, we will examine concepts fundamental to both sociology and cultural anthropology and how these disciplines have changed over time. About 30 contestants went in semi-final during this step. Three of them were among the finalists.

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How does your work, no matter how small the piece is, fit into the entire puzzle? Each highlights the distinct but complementary theories and methods of the two disciplines and provides a solid background to ongoing debates in each discipline.

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His research work, entitled "Dynamic sorting of hardwood sawing" aim at defining the resistance of hardwood planks after sawing. Her thesis subject is: "Comment on the industries from the Acheulean chronology. But it felt odd nonetheless. In my case, we are working on a gene therapy for age related macular degeneration AMD. The last round will be held in Rabat, the capital city of Morrocco.

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Finally, the conclusion had to be effective. This is a difficult challenge.

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So I thought hard about a metaphor to use. I first thought of the bigger picture. For Saggar, who already had a strong interest in science outreach, events like 3MT are great way to encourage scientists to translate their work for public consumption.

Journalism was something that I strongly considered pursuing due to my love for expressing emotion through words, so in a lot of ways, the 3MT was right down my alley.

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About the 3MT. But this may also be a daunting prospect. It was the final of the Ontario Three-Minute Thesis 3MT contest, the culmination of a province-wide competition in which hundreds of early career researchers presented complex research to thesis editor service lay audience in an accessible and engaging way—with a single slide and only seconds.

Founded by the University of Queensland in3MT events are now hosted by over institutions across six continents. The national semi-final and final: April and June The competition's national tests will be carried out in two stages: The winners from the regional finals will compete in the semi-final which will take place over three days in April.

Her thesis was about photosynthesis and its use to generate power.

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At the end of the three days, sixteen candidates will be chosen to compete in the national final. Some are humble, some are cocky. Some use humour, some remain pessimistic. The most difficult part is to speak to both a wide audience and a diverse jury representing both the scientific community and the economic sector or the media.

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Among the 16 contestants, three were foreign nationals. Sociology and Anthropology analyze experiences at the level of the individual or the group and connect them to larger social dynamics.

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I grew up working on my creative writing, honing it to the point where I actually enjoyed the process. As a prehistorian, she is studying as part of her PhD the tools designed by Homo erectus in order to understand their gradual adaptation to their environment. MicroRNA acting on an entire pathway was like ripping the weeds from the root rather than just cutting their stem. The Garba I Melka Kunture case.

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This is why scientists need to understand better how to use new technology, such that it helps to make our like easier; not turning the dream into nightmare. In a nutshell, microRNA are tiny endogenous molecules that post-transcriptionally regulate genes, but rather than individual genes they have the ability to target multiple genes, all working within the same cellular pathway. We have a molecule that could help push the fight against AMD.