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I will discuss the effects of Pay-for- Performance and the effect it will have on the future of healthcare.

Yet until recently, the medical community and those who administer the healthcare delivery systems have never been all that close to agreement on what constitutes quality.

And they win by receiving better quality care. The call for uniform P4P standards is starting to resonate loudly across the country. There is a substantial difference between pay-for-performance and profit sharing, both in terms of how the process is structured and how the payouts are determined. Health Affairs, How is reimbursement affected by the pay for performance approach?

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For ophthalmologists this will likely mean becoming more closely aligned with their non-eyecare colleagues who are affiliated with hospitals, multispecialty medical groups, IPAs, and other provider entities of some significant size.

IHA notes that the six health plans believe the strength of their model lies in what's termed the "power of multiples. Another issue sure to stir up discussion and controversy is the whole concept of trying to modify physician habit and style. Volunteer to sit on a committee that may be working with payers to develop the measurement, reporting, and analysis standards by which physicians will be rewarded or left out in the cold.

It is one of the effective ways that a firm can motivate its employees to improve their effort and remain loyal to the firm. Second, they agreed to significant funding as a reward for exceptional performance.

These studies ensure equivalency in pay by the job being performed, as well as paying skilled employees adequately Childhood sexual abuse is a significant and widespread problem in our society; it is estimated that nearly 80, American children were victims of sexual abuse in according to The United States Department of Health and Humans services But bribery is an inflationary agent.

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Get in touch with the medical director and the director of provider relations at a local health plan, with the chief of services at your hospital, and with writing the research methodology chapter CEO of your IPA. The idea seems perfect.

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Performance measures should be quantifiable, easily understood, and bear a demonstrated relationship to organizational performance. Performance measures such as productivity or profit related to the performance of a group have been of less importance in determining pay increases.

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Obviously for P4P to work there has to be some incentive for innovation, and in particular for innovation in areas outside patient care that can bring down the cost of the care. This paper has three main sections.

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How an organization chooses to structure their compensation system is a complex process, which requires a significantly more methodical decision-making process than simply picking an arbitrary hourly wage. In fact except for a few, cutting-edge capitation experiments, none of the three traditional compensation systems make much, if any, allowance for the importance of innovation.

Words: - Pages: 3 Reimbursement and Pay-for- Performance And so across the nation the cost to deliver similar care to a patient differs greatly.

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Will paying teachers based on student performance increase the performance of teachers? In my company we all receive a holiday bonus. Initially, perhaps, and that's most likely because ophthalmology isn't inpatient-oriented.

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California Tries P4P The six California health plans that came together in an attempt to kick-start Pay for Performance agreed on some basic principles to drive its development and implementation.

IHA refers to this as "dueling scorecards. Incentive schemes are one of the most popular and potentially effective forms of benefits available for employees, particularly those involved in the sales process.

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With satisfied care and recommendations from patients the facility is compensated for their performance by insurance companies and self-pay patients. At this early stage, physicians still have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and become involved in the development of P4P programs -- before things are rammed down their throats.

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The continual increase of health care cost caused health care reform initiatives to control cost to focus on reimbursement models. Pay for performance incentives give providers bonuses for meeting pre determined quality measures. Get in on the Ground Floor If physicians have learned nothing else about managed care over the past 20 years, they know for certain that one can't leave things to the bean counters.

According to www. The level and distribution of pay and benefits can have a considerable effect on the efficiency of any organisation, and on the morale and productivity of the workforce.

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Who'll Set P4P Standards? Is this possible? On the other hand, P4P could fall flat on its face if not embraced by the physician community.

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Would Reporting Make a Difference? One way the Affordable Care Act seeks to address the issues of cost is by reducing the compensation for hospital and treatment services that result in medical errors or inadequate Stakeholders agree this continual financial burden is of critical importance. In theory PRP conforms to this principle, however in practice it is less convincing.

The main quality measures used in P4P are patient experience, process, outcomes, and structure.

Words: - Pages: 2 Performance Relayed Pay If that was the case physician participation would have been equally distributed amongst the two programs in the analyses.