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Log in to post comments By sness not verified on 28 Dec permalink I agree with many of the comments above as well. I considered dropping out, but I worked hard to get into this PhD program and to pass my exams. You may feel intimidated if you need to interrupt a conversation between two professors, but remember that this is your meeting.

Professors will also appreciate that you took the initiative to go through the details of your work to get their feedback.

Supervisory Committee Meeting - ppt download I alternated between a few weeks of intense work followed by a few weeks or burnout, and my supervisor was not satisfied with my progress.

The difference is efficiency. Importantly, limit the number of options you propose. These meetings typically take place in the Spring semester. Remembering to breathe, as mentioned above, is another great point.

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It seems that within the first 10 minutes, a committee member will ask about the data behind the data, and then you got to run to your office or, worse, say you don't have it handy.

Worst case scenario, none will work, and you do another round of Doodle. I was just wondering how you've presented [data to your committee] or how formal of a meeting these things are. By that time I had already scheduled something else into that time slot.

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We want to help you, but you need to help us in return. This may be a major shift in your mindset for you, if you are used to following everything that your supervisors have told you. If your committee members realize that they need to discuss something unrelated to your thesis, rest assured that they will find the time to talk about it after your committee meeting.

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It must be emphasized to the student that any modifications made to the lab notebooks should occur on separate, previously unused pages on which it is explicitly stated that supplemental notes are being made to a previous and dated experiment. Six weeks later, and about a week before that Monday, he informed me that the committee meeting was going to be at 3pm.

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So here's my phd committee meeting outline Title Page: includes my working thesis title, the committee meeting number a big 'ol FIRST ONE for mewho my advisor is, and what lab I work in About Me: this I was told to include by older students, but I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

See the previous point. Committee meetings are also important for ensuring that the student is: i on schedule to complete his or her Thesis in an appropriate time frame, including maintaining the appropriate balance of experiments, analysis, writing, and dissemination; ii thinking about and effectively pursuing post-graduation career plans; and iii at the appropriate time is given permission to write and defend the thesis.

Nearly all faculty members I know are strongly committed to serving on thesis committees. Above all, make sure that you and your advisor are on the same page about requirements, classes, projects, timelines, etc. You can't do everything in your PhD, you have to narrow down the focus. It is true that they have more experience than you, but this is your thesis, your education, and it will affect your career.

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In the Rehabilitation Science Program, we require that a minimum of two semesters pass between the time that the student proposes the dissertation and the final exam. Opening statement antonym mentors prefer to conduct the thesis proposal semesters after the qualifying exam.

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Your job is to make sure you stay on the agenda and get your questions answered. Do you want to talk to your supervisor about your graduation date, but not sure how to bring it up? You can still have your outline and then a notebook to jot down ideas as they come up in the meeting.

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I did. Proposed Classes: the classes I've taken so far, divided into major and minor. Unlike in college, there were no clear milestones, no set set schedule, and no structured support system. So does this sound about right?

Is it even worth finishing my PhD? You are in graduate school to learn how to become an independent researcher, and you have the right to speak up for yourself if you disagree with your supervisor or committee members.

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It is very important that all committee members are present for the meeting members who are on sabbatical can join in using Skype or other videoconference technology. That would just be asking for trouble.

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Sometimes as I make the presentation I come up with new questions and make different plots. Any back of the envelope calculations I may have tried to help guide me?

7 Steps to Ace Your Next Committee Meeting

I agree with Tex. Students should plan for and expect the meeting to last 2 hours. Individual Development Plan The student and mentor should meet in the two weeks prior to the annual thesis meeting to discuss and complete the NIH-mandated Individual Development Plan.