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The exam is an opportunity to discuss with your committee how readings from your designed concentration inform your continuing research interests. Four required foundation courses offer a breadth and depth in the field; two seminars are additional composition and rhetoric courses, and two seminars are open electives in English at the level or above that are relevant to the individually planned course of study.

Dissertation Fellowships One full 4th year Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship, and several semester-length or full-year Department Dissertation Fellowships are available on a competitive basis.

The core courses in particular are designed to bring together students with different backgrounds and help them see commonalities among—as well as new options for—their endeavors.

A Commitment to Support Our best cover letters for sales jobs receive expert training as scholars, teachers, and writers.

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Program in English provides students with a stimulating environment in which their intellectual interests can thrive. The Ph. If you are looking for writing instruction or help with your writing, then please refer to graduate courses in the Writing Program e. Through support provided by five-year Graduate Center Fellowshipsstudents design and teach their own courses at one of the CUNY colleges.

All new Teaching Assistants, including those who have previous teaching experience or similar course work elsewhere, help with law coursework required to take Engl. Language and Theory 9 hrs Students must take a total of nine hours from Language and Theory courses, at least three of which are from Language and three from Theory courses.

The prospectus defense must be completed no later than six calendar months cheapest paper shredding services passing the Comprehensive Examinations. A Vibrant Scholarly Community To promote intellectual vitality and conviviality, the English Program sponsors weekly Friday Forumswhich bring internationally recognized scholars, writers, and publishers to discuss a wide variety of literary and cultural topics.

While studying the production, consumption, and circulation of texts, Writing Studies scholars often cultivate a primary or secondary focus on helping writers analyze and practice the expectations for writing in specific contexts. In addition to gaining valuable face-to-face and online teaching experience at a diverse flagship Hispanic-serving institution in courses ranging from first-year writing to technical writing and professional communication, students have the opportunity to engage in program building efforts via a variety of administrative positions connected with first-year writing, online writing instruction, and technical writing and professional communication.

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Giving Ph. For more information, please see Teaching Opportunities. The field incorporates subspecialties such as composition and rhetoric, computers and writing, second language writing, genre studies, and textual analysis. Students take an additional 4 courses in a major research area and 3 courses in a minor area.

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The courses for the minor area may come from other fields or disciplines, but should complement the student's research agenda. These hours must be distributed as follows: Core Course 3 hrs Engl. This may be an excerpt from a longer work, such as a senior thesis. Throughout the year, we offer professional development workshops to assist students in presenting conference papers, applying for fellowships, publishing their work, and finding academic employment.

It is both interdisciplinary and international, attracting researchers from diverse departments and countries. ENG Issues in the Profession 2 hrs.

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In addition to coursework, students must complete 12 credit hours of dissertation research. About the Degree The PhD concentration in Rhetoric and Composition requires 51 hours of coursework, comprehensive exams in three areas, a Foreign Language requirement, and a doctoral dissertation.

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Ronald Schleifer schleifer ou. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae 6. On your online application, you will be asked to provide emails for three references, who will be contacted by the University with a request for a letter of recommendation.

A sample of critical or scholarly writing, no more than 25 pages long. Dissertation no fewer than 18 hrs Engl. With a distinguished faculty of scholars and writers, a dynamic cohort of graduate students, and an abundance of cultural resources in New York City, the Ph.

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Upon completing the Emphasis, participants will have knowledge of the disciplinary history, theories, and methods of Writing Studies; a better understanding of the roles that writing plays within the development and perpetuation of communities and their values ; a sense of how writing can enhance teaching and how to incorporate writing to facilitate student learning in any discipline; and experience in an area that is attractive to employers.

An interdisciplinary Composition and Rhetoric Community at the Graduate Center offers support and training centered on writing-centered pedagogies. Applicants must submit phd writing studies dissertation prospectus that has been read and approved by all committee members, and a cover letter in which they briefly outline the project and present a timeline for completing the dissertation.

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Only students entering their fourth year of funding will be considered for the fellowship awarded by the Graduate School. Thus, experts in Writing Studies also work with writers to develop writing, reading, and critical analysis strategies necessary for successful participation in diverse communities.

PhD students who are also Teaching Assistants commonly find that the process takes two years. Industry and government also need professionals to conduct research, manage development, and analyze policy in the use of new communication technologies.

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It might focus on a single historical period or cut across them in order to achieve historical range. It might use any of a variety of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative research. It should, however, be clear of grading comments and should preferably be in your expressed area of concentration.

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The English department accepts up to 24 of those hours toward the PhD degree, leaving students 30 what does hypothesis test mean in science of regular course work to complete from the time of matriculation. Experts may national merit scholarship essay help writing faculty or faculty in other disciplines who deliberately analyze writing as a learning activity.

Particular strengths of our wide-ranging curriculum include feminist, gender, and sexuality studies; critical theory; poetics and aesthetics; critical race studies; popular culture; life writing; and Composition and Rhetoric. They also enroll in a semester-long Teaching Practicum.