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All of the above should be in English, or accompanied by English translations. You may also use code Letters of Recommendation Letters of recommendation are important, but letters from faculty members who are not professors of philosophy will in general not be of much assistance to us in our efforts to assess your credentials as a candidate for our PhD program.

Here are more details.

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Letters from philosophers or faculty in affiliated departments are much more useful to us than any other sort of letter. I was admitted! The statement of academic purpose should be included in your online application and not sent through them.

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Do you accept transfers into the PhD program? If you do accept an offer before April 15, you are allowed to cancel the acceptance at any time until April The rest of the application provides the broader context within which we evaluate the writing sample, but note that we are unlikely to admit an applicant if one of the other components of their application raises ground for concern regarding their ability to succeed in graduate school.

Few undergraduates can write really beautiful, professional-looking philosophy that sustains its quality page after page.

Writing the Graduate Statement of Purpose

We wish you the best of luck. How many offers do we make?

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As a matter of policy, we cannot go into further details about what makes an application successful, or how to improve your application. They betray the fact that the author was asked to pick a side of a debate and argue for it, or assess the success of a particular objection to a well-known problem.

The analogous GRE averages are verbal, quantitative, and 5.

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Short page papers of the sort written for a class or a tutorial rarely show us enough of a candidate's ability to be successful, and sending several of these is no better. See below in engineering resume writing service section for details.

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Why wasn't I accepted? The terms of the fellowship as well as student visas for international students severely constrain your eligibility for other employment.

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One part of your application is the wedding creative writing form. I think the analytic-continental distinction is largely unhelpful and this is no different in the case of writing samples.

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Also, the grad school must receive your official test scores by the time we make our final decisions, or we won't be permitted to make you an offer. It pays particularly close attention to the candidate's sample of written work, as well as to the letters of recommendation that are sent in support of the candidate's application.

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  • However, to promote fairness and objectivity in admissions decisions, the Department Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies will not schedule meetings with prospective graduate students before admissions decisions have been made.
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In some countries, the equivalent degree is there called a "masters" degree. Generally this will be for up to two courses, and will be subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies.