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Postdoctoral research grants uk. UK IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Programme - Royal Academy of Engineering

International co-applicants are strongly encouraged. Horizon European Union framework for research and innovation. Researchers must apply with a UK co-applicant. Workshops must take place before 15th December This programme funds research on sustainable peace and the prevention of violence broadly understood.

It is expected that journal editors and UK-based scholars will work intensively to support workshop participants application joining letter in school the Global South to produce papers in preparation for publication. This is to ensure that only the highest-calibre proposals are given official institutional support.

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Expressions of interest in these schemes from potential applicants are welcome and should be sent to the post-doctoral co-ordinator. Currently there is one round per year which opens in January. Newton Advanced Fellowships provide early to mid-career international researchers who already have a track record with an opportunity to develop their research strengths and capabilities, and those of their group or network, through training, collaboration and visits with a partner in the UK.

Georg Forster Research Fellowship - This fellowship provides funding for postdocs from developing or transition countries to carry out a research project in Germany for up to two years. Not currently open for applications Researchers active within any discipline within the humanities or the social sciences at any career level. Related Articles.

The British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship

Case studies. The projects awarded will aim to deliver specific academic, public, cultural and policy-relevant outputs. These applications will be selected through a competitive selection process. South America BEC. The expectation is that Fellows should undertake a significant piece of publishable work during their tenure, and that the Fellowships should lead to a permanent academic position.

Awards are tenable for one year. Early Childhood Education Not currently open for applications The Principal Investigator and any Co-Applicants must be of postdoctoral or above status, or have equivalent research experience, and hold an hypothesis for action research role that will last at least the duration of the grant funded by the British Academy.

The scholarship includes full tuition fees and a living allowance.

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The grant is renewable for up to five years. Charles Koch Postdoctoral Grants and Fellowships - Applicants must have a PhD in history, political science, philosophy, or psychology and be pursuing a postdoc at a university or research centre.

It is a two-year fellowship that involves research in both Australia and Africa.

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The project has to be as outlined in the original application but is not branded as a Newton International Fellowship. However, some funding programmes include supplementary contributions to cover travel, childcare, accommodation and German language programmes.

Applicants who do not fall into one of these categories must demonstrate a 'strong prior association' with the UK academic community. These awards are designed for individuals who need relief from a long burden of teaching and administration in order to bring an existing research project to fruition. These applications will then receive feedback and administrative support in the run up to the Leverhulme Trust deadline of 28th February Proposals which relate to the themes of 'European Identities and Borders' are particularly welcome.

Fulbright Program - Run by the US Department of State, a Fulbright grant offsets the cost of tuition, travel, and living expenses for US citizens conducting research at an institution abroad. Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research Projects Not currently open for applications The lead applicant must be based at a UK university or research institute, and be of postdoctoral or above status or have equivalent research experience.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellowship - Junior researchers of any nationality can apply for funding to carry out a research project at a European host institution for one to two years.

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All submissions received by the deadline which meet these requirements will then be reviewed by the postdoctoral research co-ordinators group with a final decision on applications to support to be made by the Head of Department. Applicants are nominated by their PhD institution to complete month postdocs in the natural sciences, engineering, math and computing in the US or UK.

Not currently open for applications Applicants must be within 15 years of their PhD and be in an established academic post To provide an individual researcher with relief from teaching and administration to undertake a research project, and in particular to promote public understanding and engagement with the humanities and social sciences Awards what is a hypothesis statement examples writing essays companies for between months JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships Not currently open for applications Applicants must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands and hold a doctorate degree, which must have been received within six years prior to the award.

A departmental panel will then select which candidates it will support in the BA competition. Before applying, please ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements, which are explained in the scheme notes. APEX Awards Not currently open for applications Applicants must be of Postdoctoral standing and based at a UK University or not-for-profit research institution for at least the duration of the project In partnership with the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society the APEX awards are a funding opportunity designed to promote collaboration postdoctoral research grants uk academic disciplines through the support of world-leading interdisciplinary research projects.

Mobility -This two year grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation support Swiss nationals or legal residents with two years of funding for postdoc work abroad. The award postdoctoral research grants uk be made in any field within the physical and natural sciences excluding clinical medicine. Not currently open for applications Early Career researchers within 3 years of their PhD Dissertation coach to enable outstanding early career researchers to complete a major research project at a UK Host Institution and increase their chances of building a successful academic career in the Humanities or Social Sciences Awards are tenable for 3 years BA Rising Star Engagement Awards Not currently open for applications Applicants must be within 10 years of the award of their PhD and be in an established academic post To enable engagement in career development through interdisciplinary projects.

The Fellowships cover the broad range of physical, natural and social sciences and the humanities. Awards are tenable for up to 12 months.

Funding schemes and opportunities for postdoctoral fellowships

American Council of Learned Societies - This is the leading private institution that supports doctoral and postdoctoral work in the humanities. Instead, eligible candidates are selected from all the shortlisted Newton International Fellowship applications. Awards are tenable for 3 years Not currently open for applications Applicants must be of Postdoctoral Standing or equivalent.

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Grants are usually temporary around years so junior researchers will need to plan financially for their stay in Germany beyond their funding term. The consortia must consist of one UK research group and two research groups from developing countries. The Leibniz Association also offers targeted grants and mentoring programmes to female postdocs in order to help boost the numbers of women in senior research positions.

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Not currently open for applications Applicants must be of Postdoctoral Standing or equivalent and be in an established academic post These awards are intended to offer the kitemarking of academic excellence to major long term infrastructural projects or research facilities Open ended Not currently open for applications Applicants must be of Postdoctoral standing or equivalent The Academy has a number of private funds, from which grants are made for particular and restricted purposes.

They are organized regionally based on both citizenship requirements and country of study.

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They provide scholarships for international postdocs coming to Germany. This private fellowship is for a continuous duration of two years, or may be held on a part-time basis do my bachelor thesis caring responsibilities. These interdisciplinary consortia will generate new approaches to significant and complex resilience problems facing developing countries and will consist of one UK research group and two developing country research groups.

Here is a list of several external scholarships you can apply for. Emmy Noether Programme - This programme is for postdocs with at least two years of previous experience.

These awards provide early-career academics with the most valuable commodity — time — by releasing them from some of their administration and teaching duties to pursue their research, along with funding for public engagement and travel.

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African Postdoctoral Training Initiative - Postdoctoral research grants uk program offers young African scientists a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in global health at the NIH. Awards tenable for up to 24 months Urban Infrastructures of Well-Being Not currently open for applications The Principal Investigator and any Co-Applicants must be of postdoctoral or above status, or have equivalent research experience, and hold an established role that will last at least the duration of the grant méthode dissertation philosophie sti2d by the British Academy.

The next closing date is January The purpose of each project will be to bring original interdisciplinary research ideas from the humanities and social sciences to bear on our understanding of the international challenges and opportunities which the UK has faced, is facing and will face.

These items should be sent tothe post-doctoral co-ordinator. What is the application process? Branco Weiss Fellowship - Postdoctoral researchers whose work departs from mainstream research in their field can apply for this grant of CHFper year to work anywhere in the world.

Applications for clinical and patient oriented research should be made to the Academy of Medical Sciences. There are no fixed closing deadlines, meaning a proposal can be submitted at any time.

Researchers must be postdoctoral or above, or with equivalent research experience. Varies depending on scheme and country. The Finnish Cultural Foundation - Finnish citizens and those living and working in Finland can apply for support for research, artistic work, and projects in science, arts, and culture. Eligibility What is methodology in thesis must be supported by the UK host institution in which they wish to hold the Fellowship Applicants must be within three years of the award of a doctorate this means being awarded via a viva voce examination between 1 April and 1st April Awards are for a period of between 12 months to 24 months.

Applicants must be available to take up an unpaid leave of absence, a long-term secondment or employment at an eligible UK institution.

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We will confirm exact opening and closing dates mid-August, and will update the page below accordingly. The program is open to researchers in all fields and of all nationalities. It is imperative that both the Head of Department and the Director of Research are consulted from the outset of the application process because the department has financial limits on the number of applications that can be put forward.

Creative writing feedback form candidates have previous research or private sector experience.

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Africa and the Middle East Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme - The Islamic Development Bank provides scholarships for promising students from member countries pursuing postdoctoral studies in sustainability. The BA deadline for this scheme, which is a two stage competitive process, is usually in early October.

You can find hundreds of postdoc opportunities all over the world here.