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Ideally you should be able to make a formal recommendation regarding the alternative that is best supported by the study.

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As a result, the detailed descriptions required to guide the transfer of processes from one reactor to another or to scale processes from a small to a large reactor are not available. Every name and year in the body of the coffee creative writing should be repeated in the list of references with no exceptions.


A recommendation for a preferred alternative should include: Specifically stating what should be done, the steps required to implement the policy, and the resources needed; Discussion of the benefits to the organization and what problems would be corrected or avoided; Discussion of the feasibility of the proposed policy; General statement about the nature and timing of an evaluation plan that would be used to determine the effectiveness of the proposed policy.

Foremost among these industries is the electronics industry, in which plasma-based processes are indispensable for the manufacture of very large-scale integrated VLSI microelectronic circuits or chips.

There are 5 paragraph essay writer service times when added research would be required to make it easier for a study to go forward. Yet there is no fundamental obstacle to improved modeling and simulation nor to the eventual creation of computer-aided design CAD tools for designing plasma reactors. The pull-out bond strength of vertical reinforcing steel bars cast in SCC was lower than that of bars cast in CVC; a development length modification factor of 1.

Assess the meaning of the results by evaluating and interpreting.

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Discuss any limitations inherent in your research procedures. Speculation should be reasonable, firmly justified, and subject to test.

If you're going to make me change my ways, I need some sound reasoning and experimental proof - perhaps case studies of others who lost weight, cleared up their skin, and had a marked improvement in their immunity by drinking green tea.

Obesity and Growth Recommendation The NCS should reevaluate its main hypotheses to be addressed in the study of childhood obesity and consider adopting a broader approach that incorporates social and psychological factors as well as biogenetic ones.

Finding: Graduate programs are not offering adequate educational opportunities in the science of weakly ionized, highly collisional plasmas.

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The rate of workability loss of SCC mixtures was directly proportional to the initial slump flow; use of WRAs would help maintain the workability for an extended period of time. Recommendation The NCS should develop refined, detailed protocols for investigating all pregnancy outcomes, specifically a detailed protocol for obtaining information on various types of pregnancy loss, before beginning data collection at the Vanguard Centers, given that pregnancy outcomes are among the first outcomes to be examined; many outcomes lack clarity in measurement; and there are important questions regarding the adequacy of statistical power and the planned data collection for example, the need for prepregnancy measurements of some exposures.

SCC was pumped satisfactorily from one location at one side i. The heat of hydration of SCC mixtures was similar to that of CVC mixtures but SCC experienced a slight delay in reaching the peak temperature the longest delay was observed in mixtures containing Class C fly ash. The placement rate, thixotropy, and yield stress of SCC had a significant effect on the maxi- mum formwork pressure.

Visual examination of coarse aggregate distribution in saw cut bridge components at different locations indicated high stability and consolidation of SCC around reinforcing bars, with no signs of segregation or bleeding. However, the wide variation in HRWRA dosages used in SCC mixtures resulted in a large difference in the air content between fresh and hardened conditions.

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References These will follow the specific format of an individual style guide, such as APA, Chicago, or other. Methods and Procedures: Summarize the approach. The scientific online university homework help of plasma applications are multidisciplinary and include elements of electrodynamics, atomic science, surface science, computer science, and industrial process control.

The recommendations that you introduce in your research paper are essential to the plans you have to move your field of study forward. A program should be established to provide industrial internships for teachers and professors in the area of plasma processing. For each hypothesis, indicate whether it was supported and why.

The Plasma Processing Program should emphasize a coordinated approach toward generating the diagnostic and basic data needed for improved plasma and plasma-surface simulation doctorate creative writing australia. For deeper components, a tremie pipe would be necessary to reduce the free-fall height.

As soon as Sony Computer Entertainment SCE implements above-mentioned recommendations, the result will not only eliminate the problem, but will guide the company towards new customer, beneficial outcomes, which is essentially the core idea behind this recommendation. The critical basic data needed for simulations and experiments have not been prioritized.

When compared to those in Japan and France, the U. Through such a Plasma Processing Program, federal funds should be allocated specifically to stimulate focused research in plasma processing, both 5 paragraph essay writer service and applied, consistent with the long-term economic and defense goals of the nation.

To meet the coming demands for flexible device manufacturing, plasma processes will have to be actively and precisely controlled. The costs of implementing this plan should be estimated and set aside in future NCS budgets.

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Recommendations These can take recommendation in research paper forms: recommendations for further study, or recommendations for change, or both. The dearth of basic data needed for simulation of plasma generation, transport, and surface reaction processes results directly from insufficient generation of data, insufficient data compilation, insufficient distribution of data, and insufficient funding of these activities.

In particular, in light of the estimate of the interview length 4 hours for the baseline interview, a critical collection for the study, the research plan pays little attention to respondent burden and its impact on the quality of the data.

Some institutions require a vita at the end. Recommendation The NCS should seek resources and develop methods to obtain more frequent in-person measures and medical and other administrative records data on study participants. Finding: Technically, U. To begin with, in order to reduce the impact of a given issue, Sony Computer Entertainment SCE needs to conduct a proper analysis and outline the best course of actions.

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Data Collection Conclusion The data collection model adopted by the NCS is complex, will challenge the abilities of the staff and coordinating center to achieve a uniform and consistent national data collection, and may compromise key study objectives. Finding and Conclusion: The most serious need in undergraduate education is adequate, modern teaching laboratories.

For surface processes, studies using well-controlled reactive beams impinging on well-characterized surfaces are essential for enhancing our understanding and developing mechanistic models. Proposed SCC workability targets for examples of cast-in-place bridge components. The NCS should consider requiring every study center to formulate a more detailed plan to engage and collaborate with local communities.

The goal should be a set of measures and data collection plans that are optimal with regard to analytic utility and response burden. The Instrumentation and Laboratory Improvement Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation has been partly successful in fulfilling these needs, but it is not sufficient. Recommendation The NCS should give priority attention to seeking ways to bolster the ability of the study to contribute to understanding of health disparities among children in different racial, ethnic, and other population groups, including the reestablishment of a working group to oversee this area and the encouragement of appropriate adjunct studies.

A well-thought-out set of recommendations makes it more likely that the organization will take your recommendations seriously. Also, the MOE of SCC mixtures containing crushed limestone aggregate was slightly higher than that of mixtures containing natural gravel aggregate.

Thus Chapter 3 further elucidates plasma processing of electronic materials and, in particular, the use of plasmas in fabricating microelectronic components. A program should be supported that focuses on development of new instrumentation for real-time, in situ monitoring for control and analysis. Source: Barbara von Diether, EdD.

No cracking or signs of damage were observed around post-tensioning anchorages of the box girder specimen indicating a satisfactory application of SCC in highly dis- turbed regions i. In summary, it is clear from our review that the NCS offers not only enormous potential, but also a large number of conceptual, methodological, and administrative challenges.

Plasma processing is now indispensable to the fabrication of electronic components and is widely used in the aerospace industry and other industries. Appendices In a qualitative or quantitative, if the study involves an organization, a letter of permission to conduct the study is required from the appropriate administrator at the organization. These should focus on prenatal and early life risk factors.

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One approach would be to simply collect the biological samples and properly store them for later genetic analysis when a better selection of polymorphisms and cost-effective genotyping across studies are possible. The marketing campaign will feature new innovative changes regarding customer service, as well as, how these new systems are far more superior from those that are sold by their main competitors.

Accordingly, the panel recommends: The Plasma Processing Program should include a thrust toward development of computer-aided design tools for developing and designing new plasma reactors. SCC mixtures with low passing ability PA1 are appro- priate for thick components with a low level of reinforce- ment e. Plasma processing of materials is also a critical technology in the aerospace, automotive, steel, biomedical, and toxic waste management industries.

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Accordingly, the panel recommends: As part of the Plasma Processing Program, government and industry together should support cooperative programs specific to plasma processing with universities and national laboratories.

Dissertation and Thesis Writing. Recommendation The NCS should incorporate methodology to measure paternal exposure to environmental chemicals both persistent and nonpersistent.