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Tong et al. In China, the vast majority of the smoking population still live in rural areas, having a higher smoking prevalence [ 3338 ]. The exposure of teenagers in any way to tobacco products can cause a variety of diseases and could influence their psychosocial development.

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Similarly, the most relevant qualitative research comprises of small sample size interview and questionnaire designs conducted with people with COPD [ 918 — 22 ]. Most buy essay compare and contrast clinical care associate cigars with a aufsatz verhalten im unterricht social esteem because some people believe that cigarette serves as a social status symbol.

Summary | Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes | The National Academies Press

Peer Pressure According to the survey reports by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, peer pressure serves as the principal cause of teenage smoking. Approximately one million people die of tobacco induced diseases in China each year [ 4 ], a number that is projected to reach two million by the year [ 5 ]. Usually, most of the teenagers starting smoking out of their curiosity to know what it is and how it is.

Animal studies and limited human research have shown that vaping can lead to changes in the airways that are similar to those caused by smoking.

Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Someyoungsters become smokers annually and one-third of them are believed to die due to tobacco use. A general conclusion can be made, but limitations, including chance, bias, and confounding factors, cannot be ruled out with reasonable confidence.

Recommendations to improve smoking cessation outcomes from people with lung conditions who smoke The primary sampling units were households and one household member aged 15 to 70 was randomly selected for the interview.

This is consistent with the previous dissertation english conducted in Asian region e. Yong et al.


Borland, and M. There is substantial evidence that some chemicals present in e-cigarette aerosols e. Ethical clearance was taken from the review board of the dental college. Loken, and R. What about vaping to help you quit smoking?

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The information entered into the anonymous questionnaire was considered truthful, as there was no incentive for inaccurate reporting, and studies have found no statistically significant difference in patient self-reported smoking behaviour and tobacco consumption as measured with cortisone testing [ 3334 ].

This is consistent with the sixth Chinese Census data.

WHO | Policy recommendations for smoking cessation and treatment of tobacco dependence

Sufficient time was given to the students to fill the questionnaire and they were collected back on the same day. Questionnaire An explorative study design and sampling strategy was selected as most appropriate for gaining insight into this hard-to-reach population.

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Nagelhout, H. There is insufficient evidence whether or not maternal e-cigarette use affects fetal development.

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The principal reason for this aspect is because; teens are fond of aping behaviors of their peers. This holds true for e-cigarette use compared with use of combustible tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarette use compared with no use of tobacco products. Peer influence and curiosity about smoking were the main reasons for smoking followed by teenagers considering smoking as fashionable. Hence, there are so many factors that motivate teenagers to become smokers.

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Of the 16, smokers interviewed, 16, are males There is limited evidence that e-cigarette aerosol can be mutagenic or cause DNA damage in humans, animal models, and human cells in culture. Abstract This study aimed to gain insight into the impact of lung conditions on smoking behaviour and smoking cessation, and identify recommendations for smoking cessation and professional-patient communications.

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  • The primary sampling units were households and one household member aged 15 to 70 was randomly selected for the interview.
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Conflict of Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper. Thus, the tobacco control field must pay close attention to the effects of e-cigarette use on initiation and cessation of combustible tobacco use, regardless of the effects of e-cigarettes on health outcomes.

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A sample of teenagers was obtained based on the prevalence of smoking among teenagers. Cummings, A. Educational campaigns are those utilizing integrated components to deliver messages e. Considering that most of the past studies were conducted in high-income countries, evaluation of the increased adoption of TC policies must be reviewed in low- and middle-income countries to examine the possible difference [ 32 ].