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Also, you might want to take another critical look at your paper logic in general to make sure everything is clear and to the point.

How to Write a Discussion Section | Checklist and Examples

Make sure to give the proper attention for all the results relating to your research questions, this is regardless of whether or not the findings were statistically significant. University of Toronto; Sauaia, A.

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  2. Begin by briefly re-stating the research problem you were investigating and answer all of the research questions underpinning the problem that you posed in the introduction.
  3. Critical thinking asks you to provide your own opinion on your topic, which can be daunting at first.

Therefore, you should not present theoretical perspectives that are not being put to use. Take a break up to a couple of days if the time allows it and come back to your work with a fresh eye.

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Writing your Dissertation: See also: Writing Your Methodology When writing a dissertation or thesis, the results and discussion sections can be both the most interesting as well as the most challenging sections to write.

This can include re-visiting key sources already cited in your literature review section, or, save them to cite later in the best cover letter samples 2019 section if they are more important to compare with your results instead of being a part of the general literature review of research used to provide context and background information.

The exercise can be done in small groups or pairs. Deduction: a claim for how the results can be applied more generally. You should start by referring back do my writing homework your research questions, discuss your results, then set them into the context of the literature, and then into broader theory. Chapter s describing methods, sources, material etc In these chapters a straightforward description is required of how you conducted the utm master thesis format. Writing a good summary can be difficult, since it should only include the most important points of your work.

Provide one or two recommendations for future research or follow-up studies. Limitations might be due to your overall research design, specific methodological choicesor unanticipated obstacles that emerged during the research process.

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Make sure you address all your results, including those that were not statistically significant. Narrowing the scope of your thesis can be time-consuming. Make sure to provide recommendations for potential research in the future.

Can you generalise? This way, they'll have a clear idea about what is still to come.

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In longer pieces of work, these chapters are usually separate. If in doubt, discuss this with your supervisor before you start writing.

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Then, relevant descriptive statistics like range, frequency, mean, median or others should be included, and after that, you should detail any performed statistical analyses such as tests, ANOVA, etc. Results Section The Results section should set out your key experimental results, including any statistical analysis and whether or not the results of these are significant.

Are there any practical implications? If you have qualitative data, ensure that you have edited the quotes and examples to a reasonable length.

Summarize your key findings

In summary Hopefully, you now have some insight into how to prepare your dissertation findings and discussion sections. There are many software programs available and it is important that you have used one that is most relevant to your field of study. This will give your conclusions more credence. Although your study may offer important insights about the research problem, this thesis prospectus barrett where you can address other questions related to the problem that remain unanswered or highlight previously hidden questions that were revealed as a result of conducting your research.

Bates College; Hess, Dean R.

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Taking the time to properly sort your data is also important because the most relevant pieces of information need to take priority in your Results section, so a first step would be properly organizing all available information. The conclusion, on the other hand, is generally brief and provides just the main points of your dissertation; i.

Each part should start with describing the sample, along with its size and a clear reason for either missing or excluded pieces of information. It should give insights not achievable by ordinary, everyday reflections.

Please note that the formal requirements vary between different disciplines, and make sure to confer the guidelines that apply in your field.

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In a pie chart, you might show one section as purple and the other as green. Are your findings very different from other studies? Conversely, one- or two-word subheadings usually doesn't give enough information about the purpose of the section.

This is so that you can demonstrate to more well-rounded perspective of the points you are trying to make. As a writer, it is important to address both these challenges. Here are a few examples of formulations that signal argumentation: On the one hand … and on the other … However … … it could also be argued that … … another possible explanation may be … 6.

Azar, Beth. This is true for two reasons.

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Conversely, every method should also have some results given so, if you choose to exclude certain experiments from the results, make sure that you remove mention of the method as well. An in-depth view of those should be found in other sections of your work, like Discussion and Methodology.

Obviously, you must refer to your results when discussing them, but focus on the interpretation of those results and their significance in relation to the research problem, not the data itself. To analyse means to distinguish between different types of phenomena — similar from different.

References This section needs to be highly structured, and needs to include all of your references in the required referencing style. Information contained in this section will highlight the finer details of writing up your findings and discussion sections.

If you have not completed this process, you must do so before beginning to write. What were your working conditions?

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For students, this can be a difficult section to write, especially since its purpose may not always be clear. A good outline shows how the different parts relate to each other, and is a useful guide for the reader.

A table should be used if the author has more information than a simple text would be able to properly cover.