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20 Sci-fi Story Ideas

Imagine a world buy an essay online badges which many different alien races are acquainted with each other and all of them live on a giant space station together. What they find is emptiness…for miles and miles and miles.

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The leaves on all the trees have turned black but refuse to fall off the branches. Write about how society has collapsed over hundreds of years, not with war or a single event like they always thought would happen.

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Your character develops a new device you implant in your ear that reads the minds of those they focus on. Write about what happens when your very particular character meets the least likely person to ever be a good match for them.

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He needs money and an egg from her ovary to help save her life. Their decision? After hitting it off, they go out on a date that ends very poorly for one of them.

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Write from the POV on one of these robots. Write about nature extremists taking over the government, stopping at nothing to ensure all man-made harm on the planet is eradicated.

Your character, who has spent their entire life in this world, takes a trip to the mountains far away from their home.

With little choice but to say yes, you agree to their terms. When an outsider tampers with its mechanisms, the tower breaks down, leaving your main character and everyone else struggling to survive.

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Is dissertations examples anything you can do in this situation, or just ponder life and accept fate? Write about how nothing has ever really been difficult for your main character.

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A scientist races against time to hide his latest invention from the government: a devastating antimatter bomb that he fears will start World War III. Write about how the third World War is done and over with for many years now.

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Write about how a package is mailed to your main character. Write a mystery about how when the Internet was first invented, warnings of sharing your personal information were everywhere.

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Write a story about how electricity is scarce…and very expensive. Write from the perspective of one of the few remaining Samurai assigned to protect and keep these aliens a secret. Your character embarks on a mission to prove that the key to happiness is doing whatever they want, whenever they want.

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The other wants nothing more than to have magic. During an archaeological dig, a new species of intelligent life has been found deep within our own planet. What is your role on this station and how does the interaction go for you?

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Your main character walks home one night to discover a brand-new electric car sitting idle in behind a forest tree line. What that person is capable of is beyond the world your character knew existed. Scientists discover the key to human origins trapped in the polar ice caps after they melt. The problem?

30 Sci Fi Writing Prompts

Addiction of any kind can be a very dangerous thing. So they decide to find out who is responsible. A corporate analyst who investigates failed colonization projects encounters the strangest case of his career. Take anything we find normal today shopping malls, infomercials, products to remove facial hair, etc.