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You can do this by clicking Cc or Bcc, which will open another field. However, you can also send copies of an email to additional people by specifying multiple addresses in the To field.

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To vs. Modern Carbon Copy Letters Although using carbon paper to create a copy was once a useful and necessary process, the practice has mainly been replaced by typed letters printed from your personal computer and printer. The letter is coming from you, so use your own personal stationery. It is common practice to abbreviate the verb form, and many forms are acceptable, including cc and cc:.

In addition, when recipients know the identities of those who have also received your communication, they can better communicate among themselves as necessary. CC and BCC are both ways of sending copies of an email to additional people. For example, if you send an email to bob example. When a sender copies others on letters and email, the recipient's privacy is lost.

How Do You Send a Carbon Copy Letter?

This alternative etymology explains the frequent usage of "c:" when only one recipient is listed, while "cc:" is used for two or more recipients of the copies. Use the "bcc" function when you don't want your main recipient to know that you have sent the email to other individuals as well.

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Follow these step-by-step instructions to send an email to multiple people Step 1: Log in to your email account so that you are on the dashboard main page of your mail account. The most common ways to send a carbon copy letter are through email and traditional essay on the end of the cold war and a new world order mail.

Deciding Who to Include When choosing to copy someone on a letter, memo or email, keep in mind the importance of transparency, sensitivity and relevance in business communications. All the recipients will be able to see who has received a "cc:" of the email, so it is not necessary to include a list of carbon copy recipients at the foot of your email, but you may choose to do so. References 3.

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For example, if you're notifying a business partner of your decision to leave the business, copying your attorney is generally considered prudent. Drafting the Letter Maintain a professional tone when writing your letter.

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This guide explains how to send an email to more than one recipient using a Gmail account. You want to send a copy of an email to a large number of people. Ask before adding: If you aren't sure whether to cc someone on correspondence, ask them if they'd prefer to be included.

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In a hardcopy business letter or a. However, people are much more likely to receive all replies in an email thread if you CC them. Privacy: Some correspondence includes sensitive information that the recipient may prefer to keep private. Next, briefly describe your plans after leaving the company. It is still common for a business letter to include, at the end, a list of names preceded by the abbreviation "CC", indicating that the named persons are to receive copies of the letter, even though carbon paper is no longer used to make professional writing services united states copies.

Past tense forms in use are CCed, cc'd, cc'ed, cc-ed and cc:'d. In either case, the CC line is aligned with the left margin after the signature line. Step 5: Now type in the subject of your email and the text of your message.

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How to send an email to multiple people How to send an email to multiple people Share: Print Sending a message to more than one person via email is a quick method of getting your information across. CC criticism as a last resort: If you have something negative to say to someone, it's often better to do this face-to-face or even samurai creative writing the phone.

Whether you put four email addresses in the To field or put one email address in the To field and three in the CC field, the four people will all receive the same email. For example, a disgruntled colleague may send an email to a coworker complaining of a minor slight, cc'ing their mutual supervisor, thus embarrassing the coworker and possibly triggering a reprimand.

Tip As a matter of courtesy, make sure that you spell the names of everyone on your cc list correctly.

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Of course, you can continue to BCC Jake on future emails or forward him a copy of the reply. The author of Graduate! References 2. Common CC Concerns The question of when to copy someone on an email or letter has become more contentious since electronic communication became the norm in business.

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These emails will be sent to the main recipient and to those recipients that you indicate in the "cc:" field. Here are some tips for choosing who to cc: Obvious necessity: There are situations in which copying correspondence is necessary.