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The social media in the workplace thesis option consists of applying a rebuttable presumption element to discrimination cases dealing with this issue.

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All of these examples can get a recruiter in trouble. Companies need to be up with the times to stay competitive in the market.

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It is very common for companies to conduct Internet searches for their potential writing students reports, in order for them to decide whether or not they should hire them. The questions regarding the legality of this practice are extensive.

Even if an organization has no intention of utilizing social media, its employees are.

Social media at work needs to be balanced to respect and protect the needs of both the employer and employee. Studies show that when a college student starts college, they automatically set up their Facebook account if they do not have one already.

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When social media access is immediately available at work, some employees may vent without taking the time to think about what they are posting. SNW printouts reflected a an emphasis on drinking alcohol, b a family orientation, or c a professional orientation; application letter 4 teaching in a control group received no Web page information.

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While a couple of decades ago, people had to spend enormous sums of money on phone calls or waited for months to send and receive a paper letter, social media and networks have emerged to enable unlimited, instant, and social media in the workplace thesis global communication.

An unpublished thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of International Communication, Unitec Institute of Technology. The General Counsel has also issued ten memoranda involving social media, eight of which are opinions from the Division of Advice.

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Another recommendation I have is to utilize programs such as Skype and Google hangouts to conduct web conferences. It will also explain the positive impact social media usage has in the workplace, such as allowing communication to a broader audience.

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Writing a covering letter can easily consume hours of unproductive time on social media websites. Bullying and Harassment — A growing concern for employers is online harassment of fellow employees in the work place.

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This subject will discuss the primary reasons companies allow the usage of social networking sites in the workplace. Mclean, C. This application of communication technology or computer mediated tools have developed rapidly in our lives. The advantages of using social media in the workplace, is that employers can access information quicker and faster. Once your reputation is compromised it is very difficult to gain the trust and respect from customers.

Social Media in the Workplace

Generational gaps, ineffectiveness and lack of integration of new workplace communication tools for employees make implementation difficult. At least two Board decisions have social media components, as do another two decisions by administrative law judges.

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In addition, the court found in Stengart that any reasonable person would have an expectation of privacy when utilizing a personal, password protected e-mail account and would not expect an employer to copy those communications to a cache on the hard drive, an obscure technical detail [14]. Imagined communities: Awareness, information sharing, and privacy on the Facebook.

To be best prepared, you should use social media sites to your advantage to track applicant data.

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  • There is some evidence that social media provides effective early warning in these areas.

Supervisors and managers are starting to understand that social media touches all parts of the organization. Even if an organization has no intention of utilizing social media, its employees are.

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If you are an employee you are smart not access social media on a company computer. Academy of Management Perspectives.

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Sharing personal information online while at work is not a good idea. Compliance risk: How effectively the company complies with laws and regulations.


Amy, G. Additionally, social media use allows the employees to take short breaks throughout the day, which can actually boost productivity. A simple message will suffice in the social media world.

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