What are the characteristics of a good hypothesis?

State two characteristics of a good hypothesis. Characteristics & Qualities of a Good Hypothesis

The theory of evolution by natural selection, for example, is a theory because it is an explanation of the diversity of life on earth—not because it is untested or unsupported by scientific research. With the help of manipulating an independent variable there must be a reasonable change in a dependent variable, but it is impossible to guess if that change will be negative or positive.

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But how do researchers derive hypotheses from theories? It is the presumptive statement of a proposition which the investigator seeks to prove.

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It not only clears the present problematic situation but also predict for the future that what would be happened in the coming time. Explanation: The biggest errors that I have seen in teaching and applying statistics are unclear and too-broad hypothesis statements. It should not be vast enough to be investigated.

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Knowledge can only progress when already present theories and facts are further researched. A theory emerges from a new hypotheses, and this is then subjected to verification, after the verification it becomes a new theory in its field of studies.

Characteristics of a Good Hypothesis

Hypothesis Concerned with Complex Ideal Types : This is such hypothesis that aims of which are to test the logical relation between empirical uniformity. Figure 2. The terminology used in it must be clear and acceptable to everyone. A researcher does not have to do anything in developing such form of hypothesis. It prevents application letter job vacancy bank research: The use of hypothesis prevents a blind search or research and saves the researchers from gathering of masses of data which may later prove irrelevant to the study.

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A good hypothesis indicates clearly the role of different variables involved in the study. The surprising result was that participants who recalled fewer examples judged themselves to be more assertive—providing particularly convincing evidence in favor of the ease-of-retrieval theory over the number-of-examples theory. If seeking a tenable hypothesis is the general interest of the researcher, this kind of hypothesis is less safe than the others because it reveals two possible conditions.

For example, Norbert Schwarz and his colleagues considered two theories of how people make judgments about themselves, such as how assertive they are Schwarz et al. There are some usable hypotheses while the others are not. It is better for the students to avoid such problems and instead develop his skills upon more tangible notions.

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Characteristics of Hypotheses 1. Schwarz, N. One who does not know what techniques are available to test his hypothesis cannot properly formulate usable questions.

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First, a good hypothesis must be testable and falsifiable. It is different from what is generally called hunch.

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It relates to the future verification and not to the past facts and information. Thus a working hypothesis is described as the best guess or statement derivable from known or available evidence. For example, hypothesis on the topic of students and their educational activities incidents are to be analyzed.

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In this concepts should be clearly defined and such definitions should be given which are commonly acceptable and communicable rather than definitions which are the product of a private world. H0 : There is no significant relationship between intelligence and achievement of students. In other cases, the type of statistical treatment generates a need for a particular form of hypothesis.

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It must create new discoveries of knowledge J. This paper presents the information on the characteristics of a good research hypothesis. This theory predicts social facilitation for well-learned tasks and social inhibition for poorly learned tasks.

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Thus, there are some differences between specific and general hypothesis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 13, 83— For instance, the frequency of eating determines the body weight.

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From observation researcher may infer. You must, of course have sufficient data of sufficient validity to be able to make the calculations. He started with a somewhat contradictory pattern of results from the research literature.

Characteristics of Good Hypothesis

Conceptual clearness: A usuable hypothesis must be conceptually clear. Sometimes hypotheses are made of general words having grandeur but there are not simply testable. In case that is not so it will not be possible to test its accord with empirical facts.

It explores and explains the differences between a non-directional research and a directional research hypothesis, and observes what distinguishes a null hypothesis from a research hypothesis. Advertising Looking for essay on education?

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