AICPA Revises Auditing Standard on Going Concerns

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What is changing? Auditors should decide the selection criteria for mailing of confirmations.

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Tackling going vorlage dissertation uni stuttgart assessments In addition to aligning U. In turn, management is expected to have policies and procedures in place to ensure adequate and timely documentation of its assessments and mitigating plans, as applicable. Please e-mail us at advantageaudit wiley.

Finally, the application material provides illustrative wording of a third-party support letter. Audit Documentation Checklist AU-C An audit documentation checklist has been added to assist auditors in better evaluating the completeness of their working papers in accordance with professional standards.

Audit of financial statements 2.

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It has been embedded in auditing literature in the United States and internationally for years. Documentation in an audit program provides places to indicate who performed audit procedures, date performed, reference to workpaper index and conclusions. The superseded AU sections were removed from Professional Standards at the end ofas scheduled. However, in response to user requests, the AU-C identifier will be retained indefinitely.

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Review-issues negative assurance nothing suspicious 3. At the time SAS No. The "AU-C" identifier had been scheduled to revert back to the AU identifier at the end ofby which time the previous sections would be superseded for all engagements.

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The issue of going concern is not new. The ASB believes the following are the most significant changes to the existing auditing standards resulting from the issuance of SAS No.

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However, the definition of a reasonable period of time has changed from a period of time not to exceed one year beyond the date of the financial statements being audited to the period of time required by the applicable financial reporting framework, or if no such requirement exists, within one year after the date the financials are issued or available to be issued, when applicable.

If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. Financial statements prepared in accordance with a special-purpose framework: In the scope section, SAS No. These QCM are not intended as teaching or learning tools for the user.

No, only reasonable Is an audit designed to detect fraud? The inquiries are not intended to require management to extend its evaluation period but may affect other disclosure requirements or consideration of whether the financial statements are fairly presented.

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However, irrespective of whether the going concern basis of accounting is relevant in the preparation of special-purpose financial statements, the auditor is required to conclude, based on the audit evidence obtained, whether substantial doubt exists and to evaluate the possible financial statement effects.

GAAuditingS Public companies and its auditors must conform to additional governance prescribed by whom? The application guidance also explains that when the financial support is provided by an owner-manager, the evidence regarding intent may be in the form of a support letter or a written representation.

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Latest News. The application material further explains that when the financial support is provided by an owner-manager, the evidence regarding intent may be in the form of a support letter or a written representation. These QCM are designed to assist professionals in performing audits, specifically with: Planning an audit in accordance with professional standards, Providing an audit program.

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Auditors What are Rules governing the performance of an audit called? Financial Statements Prepared in Accordance With a Special Purpose Framework SAS clarifies that the issues of the going concern basis of accounting and whether substantial doubt exists are separate issues.

  • These QCM are designed to include many possible audit areas, but cannot include all types of transactions and balances.
  • Calls for transparency also went out to the auditors who are responsible for rendering an opinion on those financial statements.

All information that a reasonable and informed user would consider significant to his decision-making Peer-review PCAOB reviews and monitors 'Registered Firms' and their audits of public companies. The update will be effective for audits of financial statements for periods ending on or after December 15, The Advantage Audit is not providing any form thesis statement examples against gun control assurance on this material.

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What are the 3 categories of attestation? When the owner-manager is providing the financial support, management should have a letter of intent or comparable written representation. For more information please contact:. They are not.

However, firms of all sizes can use these materials, if adequate firm controls exist to limit use to the appropriate engagement. SAS clarifies the two requirements are separate determinations and conclusions.


The AICPA developed a Learning and Implementation Plan to prepare for the transition, as well as additional information, including transition guidance and training, located in the Financial Reporting Center. We welcome your feedback. These are a general guide for confirmations and other correspondence applicable to engagements.

Many companies declared bankruptcy and went out of business rapidly, often in the midst of the reporting cycle.

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Given the nature of this manual as being appropriate for low-complexity audits of non-public companies, the author and editors have concluded that SAS is not relevant to this QCM. As a result, the AICPA Peer Review Board has developed more stringent guidance and, therefore, this QCM has been expanded to include specific linkage between risk assessment and related audit procedures to address risks identified.

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  3. However, FASB was contemplating the development of an accounting standard addressing going concern evaluation.
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The intended users of these QCM are professionals with substantial accounting, auditing, and specific industry experience and knowledge. It is not intended to be all inclusive, and auditors should, where appropriate, tailor the correspondence to the requirements of the engagement.

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It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service. AU-C Third-Party or Owner-Manager Documentation SAS includes a new requirement for auditors to obtain evidence from management supporting its plans to mitigate substantial doubt when such plans include third-party financial support.

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If these QCM are used by professionals with less experience, supervisory professionals must meet all AICPA supervisory standards and adequately instruct, train and supervise the professional staff on the use of the quality control material and all work performed. Additionally, our sample answers are limited to a specific company in each industry and do not include all possible types of companies, risks, or procedures.

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Users should tailor audit assertions listed in the audit program to the specific engagements. ASU No. This QCM has been updated for any relevant changes to extant standards since the issuance of the QCM and includes references to standards as deemed appropriate.

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