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Field Survey 1. As a result health services became accessible only to those who could afford the high cost of care, while the majority of Ghanaians resorted to traditional healers or faced financial catastrophe to cover the cost of health care.

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Problem like moral hazards was addressed in this study and advocacy was suggested as a way of curbing it down. Several cases have been reported where a whole family intentionally visits the hospital when they are not sick but because they have been registered under NHIS.


Against this background, four broad findings were identified. This was mainly because such groups were predisposed to developing low willingness and low ability to enrol in the NHIS as a result of their individual and community characteristics as well as NHIS and healthcare system factors. The current government stated in his manifesto for election that they were to going to find ways for Ghanaians to pay a single premium for a life time under the NHIS.

The thesis comprises of two main parts.

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They rather see it to be waste of financial resources. Against this flame description creative writing, this program aims to design and evaluate interventions to stimulate MHO enrolment, with special focus on the poor.

Healthcare quality in Ghana

A high proportion of the Ayigian community are enrolled in the national health insurance scheme, among those non-insured the majority are an indigent group of people who can't afford the health insurance premium and elderly who can't travel to the registration offices due to old age. In light of the above challenges a number of developing countries saw national health insurance as a way forward to capsim homework help health care accessible to all, because most developed countries managed to expand health service and provide affordable health care through a national health insurance system.

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Baseline surveys explored health worker motivation levels and associations with healthcare quality efforts, efficiency in health service delivery, and comparison of perceived and technical quality healthcare. Field Survey Part one reports on findings from baseline surveys conducted in among health workers in 64 primary health facilities in the Greater Accra and Western regions of Ghana.

The administrative and accounting systems of NHIS must be fully computerized to help reduce the stress of working manually.

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D and Mr. Preliminary Field Survey 1.

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Field survey Tariffs are the monies paid for the bills submitted by health providers under the NHIS. Reaching the poor in Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme Progress In most developing countries households pay for health care out-of-pocket and need to pay user fees at point of service. Output Thesis G.

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In addition, project 3 evaluates the impact of enrolment on health care utilization, with special reference to the poor, in a cross-sectional analysis. These problem-solving groups operate at local level and consist of community members, health providers and insurance scheme managers.

Many barriers to enrolment exist in the interplay between communities, MHO and health provider.

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The Ghanaian population has been bearing the brunt of structural adjustment that prescribes cutting expenditures on social services and introducing a "cash and carry" system that requires on the spot payment for health care received at the point of delivery. On the other hand there are still problems with enrolling the poor est sections of the population and the non-renewal of insurance remains am issue that needs to be addressed as well.

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However, community participation is low, especially among the poor. The methods include two-stage multivariate regression modelling and maximum likelihood estimations.


Subject Categories Growth and Development Health Economics Health Services Administration Health Services Research Income Distribution Insurance Public Economics Public Health Education and Promotion Abstract Access to quality health services is essential for maintaining a healthy population and economic development hence the growing global consensus that universal health coverage is necessary.

The Council also undertakes the licensing, regulation, and accreditation of healthcare providers. The thesis concludes that client and community engagement in healthcare quality improvement efforts could augment existing quality improvement strategies of the Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Authority. All projects are carried out in both rural and urbanized communities in Ghana.

Factors That Influence Enrolment and Retention in Ghana’ National Health Insurance Scheme

The General Assembly GA then discussed on the formation of a constitution for the district health scheme on 23rd march and appointment of the Board of Directors was carried out in April The whole research had its foundations from the specific objectives which were; to access the possibility of a single premium for a decade that is feasible enough to sustain the scheme, to identify alternative means of generating income to sustain the Kassena-Nankana District Mutual Health Scheme and to assess the perception of registered and potential clients on the NHIS.

The empirical analyses uses data from the Ghana Living Standards Survey conducted in covering 37, individuals in 8, households, data from the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey V covering respondents aged years, and data logging from other sources.

Doctoral Dissertations.

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Health insurance seems an effective way to make health care accessible for the poor. The government authorized a mandatory2. Secondly, the NHIS improved the affordability of healthcare services and reduced the risk of catastrophic healthcare expenditure among insured members, particularly insured low income households.

These include political, regulatory and institutional capacity; stakeholder contracting; enrolment of beneficiaries; empanelment of health facilities; and finally provision and utilization of services.