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Figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the thesis.

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We will always need to review your files before we can issue your quotation. When using e-signatures, please insert an image of each written signature. If you have a tight deadline please ask for our express service.

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Font size must not be smaller than 9 point. List phd thesis title in commerce number, caption, and page number of each table. Pagination Paginate your thesis thesis phd format dissertation following these guidelines: Use lower case Roman numerals ii, iii, iv, etc.

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Footnote numbers must precede the note and be placed slightly above the line superscripted. For example, headings and captions may appear above or below each of these components.

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To see an example, resume format examples simple the sample page. Therefore, formatting of these components is largely at the discretion of the author.

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If you are in receipt of one or both of these scholarships, please include the following sentence in your acknowledgements: "This research was supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program RTP Scholarship". The total number of chapters is thus usually five, and the total length approaches pages of A4 a maximum of about 35, words.

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We will always look to make changes as quickly as possible. The front cover should bear the title of the thesis in an abbreviated form, if necessarythe author's name, the name of qualification for which the thesis is submitted e. However, the page number must be placed on the page as though the page was in portrait format.

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The title page counts as page i, but the number does not appear. However, we will not be editing the text in any way including citations or the syntax and sequencing of the components date, author, place etc.

Thesis Format

You might also want to look at some recent theses from your Department to see how they are presented. A PDF document with a title page, copyright page, and abstract at minimum are required to be submitted along with any relevant supplemental files.

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In every case, the rigid container shall either bear on its front cover the information required for a title page if softbound or be constructed of cloth covered boards and lettered on the cover and spine if hardboundin accordance with the requirements guidance on the presentation and submission of theses for research degree programmes.

Binding Binding In all cases, the thesis should be bound in such a way that it can be opened fully, for ease of reading, and the thickness of a single volume excluding covers should not be more than 70mm.

Requirements for the presentation of theses

All works referenced in the thesis must be included in the bibliography. Table of Contents — Required for all except creative works.

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The use of color should be reserved primarily for tables, figures, illustrations, and active website or document links throughout your thesis or dissertation. Ensure each component complies with margin and pagination requirements. Order of Contents There are then rules for how the contents of the thesis must be ordered.

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Hardbound theses The thesis should be bound in cloth covered boards, the binding being of a fixed kind in which leaves are permanently secured. Formatting Previously Published Work In some cases, students gain approval from their academic program to include in their thesis or dissertation previously published or submitted, in press, or under review journal articles or similar materials that they have authored.

New paragraphs must be indicated by a consistent tab indentation throughout the entire document.

If you place references after each chapter, the references for the last chapter must be placed immediately following the chapter and before the appendices.

If you are not following a style manual, please single space within each entry and double space between the entries. Number all footnotes with Arabic numerals.

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Curriculum Vitae Doctoral students only The curriculum vitae is a professional biography of the doctoral candidate. The use of blank pages should be avoided, if possible. The papers should be of normal journal article length say, between 5, and 10, wordsdepending on the editorial norms of the journal chosen jointly with the project leader who is also the main supervisor.