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Drawing from a mix of memoirs, personal essays, letters, fiction, and other first-person narratives, we will analyze the techniques and rhetorical devices used by writers, standup comedians, memoirists in transporting the listener or reader into unknowable, unfamiliar experiences. To that end you will try your hand at a true story—be it a memoir, travelogue, anecdote, character study, essay or argument—and submit it to your classmates, who will edit and critique it.

In this hands-on class, students will complete a writing exercise each week, accompanied as often as possible by field trips to art galleries, museums, and performances.

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Intro to Genres: Science Ficiton. Yeats, Nathaniel Mackey, Jay Wright, and Ronald Johnson, as well as some other things too secret to reveal at present, including the nature of esotericism.

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Students will undertake significant research and produce a substantial essay to be workshopped in class. We will cover the news, meet and beat deadlines, conduct interviews, keep a beat blog, discuss the legal and ethical obligations of the profession.

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Advanced Fiction Workshop: Beginning a Novel. In this course we will study various traditional genres the elegy, the epistle, the dramatic monologue, for example alongside such "non-poetic" genres as the essay, the obituary, and the travelogue, in the hopes of expanding and refining our encounter with the art.

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  • Reading as a Writer: Crime and Story.
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  • We will also attend poetry readings by some of these authors here at the University in order to explore the world of contemporary verse as fully as possible.
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How have different genres evolved over time? We will begin with the basic mechanics of plot and work towards a deeper understanding of all its effects on a narrative, whether they be dramatic, formal, characterological, even philosophical.


Students must meet the course application deadline specified on the website. In this course, we will study the first-person voice in various forms of personal testimony. Advanced Nonfiction: Aiming for Publication. Advanced Fiction: The Importance of Plot.

For the purposes of our class, we will take on an expansive definition of ekphrastic poetry, studying and generating poetry that responds to any non-literary medium.

  • This course is an advanced seminar intended primarily for seniors and MAPH students writing honors theses in creative writing as well as advanced students who are working on major projects.
  • This beginning-level fiction writing class uses a wide range of exercises and activities to help students discover their oral and written voices.

Transmedia games use the real world as their platform while incorporating text, video, audio, social media, websites, and other forms. Divine fate? So come to the first day of class with ideas and work already underway and ready to share.

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The class will also contain a strong critical listening and component, and active participation will be expected. In this fundamentals course, students will investigate the complicated relationship between writers, fictional characters, and readers, toward determining what place literary empathy has in our conversation about contemporary literature.

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Under the present mayor, is Chicago a modern or postmodern city? Students will also explore innovations in diction, syntax, and voice, and apply what they learn from these investigations in workshop discussions. No preexisting technical expertise is required but a background in any of the following areas will help: creative writing, literary or media theory, web design, visual art, computer programming, performance, and game design.

Journalists today are expected to meet the standards that guided reporters in the 20th century but more quickly and more often for the dynamic media of the 21st Century.

Ekphrasis was originally a Greek term meaning a highly detailed description of an object that offered a fully realized experience of that object, embodying not only its physical qualities but also its emotional impact and other intangible qualities.

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Finding your voice takes time, but we have only ten weeks. To that end you will try your hand at a true story—be it a memoir, travelogue, anecdote, character study, essay or argument—and submit it to your classmates, who will edit and critique it. A beacon?

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I focus on editing because writing is, in essence, rewriting. We will examine and adhere to the legal and ethical standards of the profession of journalistic arts reviewing.

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As in any writing workshop, we will stress the fundamentals of craft like language, voice, and plot and character development, with an eye also on how to shape your work for the longer form you have chosen. We'll also read and discuss a variety of short stories, always with an eye to craft and to what you, as writers, can steal for your own work.

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We'll look at hybrid works by W. This course is an advanced seminar intended primarily for students writing a Creative BA or Thesis about love relationships thesis, as well as advanced students who are working on major projects.

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Students will complete both creative and analytical writing exercises, reading responses, and a paper that focuses on characterization in a work of fiction. Note s : This course meets the general education requirement in dramatic, musical, and visual arts. This course is about how to begin that manuscript.

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Among popular genres, science fiction is the riskiest conceptually and among the trickiest to master. The difference between an amazing idea and a rotten story is often slim.

We also welcome reportorial, researched, and investigative pieces.

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Reading as a Writer: Crime and Story. In this beginning workshop, we will explore why we tell stories: why they are important to us and why we use them to organize our ideas about ourselves and the world around us.