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On Glosbe you can check not only translations into language English or Tagalog: we also provide examples of usage, by showing dozens of examples of translated sentences containing translated phrase. Reimpression : Madrid, Ediciones Cultura Hispanica.

First, while efforts both to rename the project Filipino Wikipedia and start a new Filipino Wikipedia alongside Tagalog have failed, I believe that one or the other is necessary in order for the project to increase its chances of remaining viable. Monier- Williams, Monier [].

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In addition several pages are devoted to currency and measure. Of course, the best example of the word kita is: I love you.

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The Tagalog abacus must have been based on a system whereby quantities were to be reached rather than completed. The two meetings I attended both struggled with difficulties in scheduling and organization. The Philippine government, dissertation proposal writing services its strong adherence to what is conclusion in tagalog where sovereignty reigns in the people, has made a move to unite everyone under one language that solidifies all Pilipinos.

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Morga, Antonio de Therefore I shall leave the matter as it is - and to the professional mathematician. Lim found another stronghold within the Wikipedia island by being the major person responsible for founding a Wikimedia Philippines chapter. Translation Memory Glosbe dictionaries are unique.

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I saw his dog. It is extremely difficult to determine the period during which the Tagalogs switched from the old to the modern system because examples in contemporary documents are few and far between. I therefore propose the following algorithm. Roel Balingit username: Scorpion Prinz is the current Wikimedia Philippines treasurer and began editing under an account in July ofwhich is quite late compared to other members of the Wikimedia Philippines Executive Board.

Start with simple sentence sentences structures, such as the ones you have here, and build up on them.

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Unfortunately, the latter two are currently inactive on Tagalog Wikipedia and cannot be reached for comment, but this translation wave is the one in current use at Tagalog Wikipedia, and is the one that users interact with on a regular basis.