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Is there any significant relationship between work-life balance and job performance in the Nigerian educational sector? This research has been framed to examine the causal relations between the family friendly policies and working life of women.

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Proposing a reflection of contents 1 1. The Economic reason for working, on the part of the employee, is to earn money for sustenance.

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It is something making balance between work and the family responsibilities where the work and working facilities are conducive for the maintenance of family life Charles and James, Combined, the given information alludes to increasing challenges in terms of employee satisfaction, motivation and the creation of a healthy working environment.

On the other hand, organizations can also be benefitted from better performance.

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Work — life balance — The act of achieving a balance between the two competing demands of work and personal life. It is different for each of us because we all have different priorities and different lives. People are overwhelmed by the demanding careers, demanding families, a slow economy and so on.

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My research paper includes the most discussed, study such as a reflexive sociology pay essay. The recent global developments had an impact on the relationship between employer and employee.

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Organizations now focus on grooming their employees who are now not considered merely a work force but regarded as the 'Human Capital' of the organization. Till date, no comparative regulation exists in Nigeria to compare to the Working Time Regulations Thesis international business management implemented by the European Union inwhich among other things stipulated the maximum number of hours to be worked as well as a comprehensive recommendation for time off work to take care of personal needs creative writing my birthday family matters.

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According to the wikipedia report, many experts believed that technology will eventually make household chores much easier and thus provide more room for leisure. Social developments like an increasing number of working women, a shortage of time or a higher physical and psychological pressure at employees, leading to big problems like decreasing birth rates and diseases like burn-out.

The other prong of work-life balance, which many individuals overlook, relates to what individuals do for themselves. Our materials are approved and i will working mothersandtheir perceivedwork4 lifebalance quality of the entire allprojectreports.

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It will also attempt to find out key factors associated with work-life balance and working conditions as well as threats and challenges in order to provide recommendations to the policy makers to be implemented in future. Consequently, the following research questions were addressed by this study: What organizational policies and programs help workers in maintaining balance between work and personal life demands?

Duxbury and Higgins identified three areas of conflict between these two overlapping domains of roles as: - Role Overload RO ; which directly translates to having too much work umass graduate school dissertation requirements do and too little time to do it.

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To set policy recommendations for the organizations to be followed for the betterment of the organizations as well as employees. However, e-copies of books and journals were extensively consulted in addition to various recent and upcoming internet based findings on websites of agencies and research bodies from countries such as New Zealand, Canada and others who have advanced work-life balancing programmes and policies.

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Clutterbuckas quoted in CIPDdefined work life balancing as consisting of the following: - Being aware of different demands on time and energy - Having the ability to make choices in the allocation of time and energy - Knowing what values to apply to choices - Making choices The principle at stake here is that work should be healthy and should allow free time and energy to pursue interests outside work Kodz, Harper and Dench, Why do you want a better income, a new house, a good MBA college or a dream job?