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Writing a conclusion for a chemistry lab report. Sample Lab Report #2

What is the specific purpose of the experiment? The final product should be included first at the beginning of the paragraph in bold if it is known. The formatting of citations may vary from one academic field to another.

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Be sure that it explicitly and clearly makes the connection between the objectives of the procedure and the scientific concept. I won't include everything you have to do you should look on VOH for the report guidelinesbut just a few key ideas. Improving your Conclusion convincingly describes what has been learned in the lab A good Conclusion takes you back to the larger purpose of the lab as stated in the Introduction: to learn something about the scientific concept, the primary reason for doing the lab.

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Improving your Introduction successfully establishes the scientific concept of the lab To establish the scientific concept for the lab you need to do two things: 1. When you have finished all the sections, rearrange them in the proper order to turn in to your teacher: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References if it is assigned. You should remember to avoid comparing your findings to those of other scientists.

Instead of focusing just on the specific actions of the experimental procedure, purpose looks at the experimental procedure within the context of what you are supposed to be learning. Do not just restate your results - talk about why they are significant and important.

If you are asked to write only an abstract of your lab, follow the directions for each lab report section on this page starting with Methods, but for each section, write only the one-sentence option not the complete section option.

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Overall Aims of the Report: The student Introduction - The introduction provides background information about the experiment. Improving your Discussion opens with effective statement of support of hypothesis The Discussion should start with a sentence or two in which you make a judgment as to whether your original hypothesis from the Introduction was supported, supported with qualifications, or not supported by the findings.

It is a matter of following all the above steps with the requirements of your professor in mind for you to come up with an outstanding report.

How to Write a Lab Report: A Comprehensive Guide Be sure that you know which section or sections you were assigned to write in full.

This is your chance to organize it into a more readable form now that you are done with the experiment and impress the TA with your organizational skills. In a couple of sentences more for complex labs describe the logic that you used to reason from what you know about the scientific concept to your educated guess of the outcomes of the experimental procedure.

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As to choice of words, science writing uses words that its audience other scientists in the field will readily understand. If you are having trouble phrasing the sentence about objectives, try something like: "The main objectives of this lab were to "; "In this lab we were to.

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If you decide to have appendices, remember to make references to them at least once in your text. You could also enhance the rest of the Conclusion by adding more details concerning what you have learned see treatment of Conclusion above.

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Calculations that expand on those that are in the methods section. Remember, first person is not used. If you are having trouble writing the opening sentence of the report, you can try something like: "This laboratory experiment focuses on X "; "This lab is designed to help students learn about, observe, or investigate, X.

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